Everypaw Pet Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

Everypaw Pet Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

We recognize the unconditional love and companionship that our pet friends offer us as pet owners. All throughout their lives, We want to make sure they get the best care possible. Unexpected accidents and diseases can, however, happen, costing you extra money for veterinary care. Pet insurance can be really helpful in situations like this. 

About Everypaw Insurance

The UK’s top pet insurance company, Everypaw Pet Insurance, was established in 2020. It is insured by the dependable and well-known insurance provider RSA Insurance Group. Everypaw offers a range of products made to accommodate the varied financial situations and unique requirements of pet owners. Everypaw has you covered, whether you have an elderly cat or a young, lively dog.

Benefits and features of everypaw pet insurance 

Coverage for Accidents, Illnesses, and Wellness Care

 Everypaw’s comprehensive policies cover accidents, illnesses, and even routine wellness care, ensuring that your pet receives the necessary treatments, medications, and preventive care they need.

Coverage Features for Accidents, Illnesses, and Wellness Care 
  • Coverage for Accidents: Everypaw understands that accidents can happen unexpectedly, and they can often lead to expensive veterinary bills. With Everypaw’s pet insurance, you can rest assured knowing that your furry friend is covered in the event of an accident. Whether it’s a broken bone, a swallowed foreign object, or a laceration, Everypaw will provide coverage for the necessary treatments, including surgeries, X-rays, medications, and follow-up care.
  • Coverage for Illnesses: Pets, just like humans, can fall ill and require medical attention. Everypaw’s pet insurance covers a wide range of illnesses, from common ailments like ear infections and urinary tract infections to more severe conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. With Everypaw by your side, you can ensure that your pet receives the necessary diagnostic tests, treatments, medications, and ongoing care to manage their illness effectively.
  • Coverage for Wellness Care: Everypaw goes beyond just covering accidents and illnesses; they also offer coverage for routine wellness care. Preventive care plays a vital role in keeping your pet healthy and detecting any potential issues early on. Everypaw’s wellness coverage includes vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, annual check-ups, dental cleanings, and other preventive treatments recommended by your veterinarian. By having coverage for wellness care, you can proactively maintain your pet’s health and catch any problems before they become more serious.
  • Veterinary Fees and Treatments: Veterinary fees can quickly add up, especially for complex procedures or prolonged treatments. Everypaw pet insurance covers a wide range of veterinary fees, including consultations, examinations, diagnostic tests (such as bloodwork and imaging), surgical procedures, hospitalization, specialist consultations, and prescription medications. This comprehensive coverage ensures that your pet receives the necessary care without worrying about the financial burden.
  • Prescription Medications: Many pets require long-term medications to manage chronic conditions or to aid in their recovery. Everypaw understands this and includes coverage for prescription medications. Whether your pet needs antibiotics, pain relievers, allergy medications, or specialized drugs, Everypaw will help cover the cost, ensuring that your pet’s treatment plan is accessible and affordable
  • Alternative Therapies: Everypaw recognizes that some pet owners prefer alternative therapies and treatments for their pets. Depending on the chosen policy, Everypaw may offer coverage for alternative therapies such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and chiropractic treatments. These therapies can be beneficial for pets with musculoskeletal issues, chronic pain, or mobility problems, providing them with additional options for care and rehabilitation.

Tailored Policies

 Everypaw understands that every pet is unique, with different healthcare requirements and owners’ preferences. To accommodate these variations, Everypaw offers a choice of policies, including accident-only, time-limited, and lifetime policies. This flexibility allows you to select the coverage that suits your pet’s needs and your budget.

Features of Tailored Policies
  • Accident-Only Policies: Everypaw offers accident-only policies that specifically cover your pet in the event of an accident. These policies are designed to provide financial protection for unexpected mishaps, such as injuries resulting from falls, car accidents, or encounters with other animals. Accident-only policies typically cover veterinary expenses related to accidents, including emergency treatments, surgeries, medications, and follow-up care. This option may be suitable for pet owners who want coverage for accidents while managing their budget.
  • Time-Limited Policies: Everypaw also offers time-limited policies that provide coverage for a specific period, typically 12 months, for both accidents and illnesses. These policies are designed to offer financial protection for unexpected health issues that may arise during the coverage period. Time-limited policies cover veterinary expenses for accidents and illnesses, including diagnostic tests, treatments, medications, and consultations. However, it’s important to note that once the coverage period expires, any conditions or illnesses that occurred during that period will no longer be covered. Time-limited policies are suitable for pet owners who want coverage for a limited period at a more affordable premium.
  • Lifetime Policies: Everypaw’s lifetime policies offer the most comprehensive and extensive coverage for your pet’s healthcare needs. These policies provide coverage for accidents, illnesses, and ongoing medical conditions throughout your pet’s lifetime. Lifetime policies typically have higher premiums but offer the advantage of continuous coverage for chronic conditions and ongoing treatments. With a lifetime policy, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet’s medical needs will be covered for their entire life, as long as you renew the policy each year.

No Upper Age Limit

 Everypaw provides coverage for pets of all ages, including senior pets. Unlike some insurance providers that impose age limits, Everypaw ensures that older pets can still receive the care they deserve.

No upper Age Limit Features
  • Coverage for Senior Pets: Everypaw understands that older pets require specialized care and may be more prone to certain health issues. That’s why Everypaw pet insurance does not impose an upper age limit for pets. Whether you have a senior dog or a mature cat, you can still obtain coverage for their healthcare needs. This feature ensures that senior pets can receive the necessary medical attention, including treatments, medications, and veterinary care, without the worry of age restrictions.
  • Access to Comprehensive Care: With Everypaw’s no upper age limit policy, your senior pet can access comprehensive healthcare services. This includes coverage for accidents, illnesses, and wellness care tailored to meet the unique needs of older pets. From regular check-ups and preventive screenings to managing age-related conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, or diabetes, Everypaw provides coverage to ensure that your senior pet receives the care they require to maintain their quality of life.
  • Continuity of Coverage: As your pet ages, the risk of developing chronic conditions or age-related ailments increases. With Everypaw’s no upper age limit policy, you can ensure continuity of coverage for your senior pet. This means that if your pet develops a chronic condition or requires ongoing treatments, the coverage will remain in place. This is particularly important for senior pets who may require regular visits to specialists, long-term medications, or additional support for age-related issues. Everypaw’s policy ensures that your senior pet can continue receiving the necessary care without disruption.

24/7 Veterinary Advice Line

As a policyholder, you have access to Everypaw’s 24/7 veterinary advice line. This invaluable resource allows you to consult with qualified veterinary professionals whenever you have concerns about your pet’s health or need guidance on minor issues.

Features of 24/7 Veterinary Advice Line
  • Immediate Access to Veterinary Professionals: Everypaw understands that pet owners may have questions or concerns about their pets’ health at any time of the day or night. With Everypaw’s 24/7 veterinary advice line, you have immediate access to qualified veterinary professionals who can provide guidance and support. This means that whether it’s the middle of the night, a weekend, or a holiday, you can reach out to a veterinarian for expert advice.
  • Professional Guidance for Minor Issues: The veterinary advice line is an excellent resource for seeking guidance on minor issues that may not necessarily require an immediate visit to the veterinarian. If your pet displays mild symptoms or experiences a non-emergency situation, you can consult with the veterinary professionals to assess the situation and receive recommendations on how to manage it at home. This can help alleviate concerns and provide peace of mind, knowing that you have professional advice at your fingertips.
  • Assessment of Urgency and Next Steps: In some cases, it may be challenging to determine whether a situation requires immediate veterinary attention or if it can wait until regular clinic hours. The veterinary advice line can help you assess the urgency of the situation and provide guidance on the next steps. They can advise you on whether you should seek emergency care, schedule a non-urgent appointment with your regular veterinarian, or provide recommendations for at-home care until veterinary attention is available.

Flexible Payment Options

 Everypaw understands that financial situations can vary, so they offer both monthly and annual payment options. This flexibility allows you to choose the payment method that suits your budget and preferences.

Features of Flexible Payment Options
  • Monthly Payment Option: Everypaw recognizes that some pet owners prefer to manage their expenses on a monthly basis. With the monthly payment option, you have the flexibility to spread out the cost of your pet insurance premium over twelve months. This can be beneficial for those who prefer to have a more manageable monthly payment rather than paying a larger sum upfront. It allows you to incorporate the cost of pet insurance into your regular budget, making it easier to maintain coverage for your pet friend.
  • Annual Payment Option: Alternatively, if you prefer to pay for your pet insurance coverage in one lump sum, Everypaw offers an annual payment option. This allows you to pay for the entire year’s premium upfront, providing you with the convenience of not having to worry about monthly payments. Choosing the annual payment option can also potentially offer savings, as some insurers may offer discounts or incentives for paying the premium in full.
  • Budgetary Flexibility: The availability of both monthly and annual payment options gives you the freedom to choose the payment method that aligns with your financial circumstances and preferences. It allows you to select the option that fits comfortably within your budget and provides you with greater control over your finances. Whether you prefer to make smaller monthly payments or prefer to pay upfront, Everypaw caters to your needs.

Multi-Pet Discount

 For households with more than one pet, Everypaw provides a multi-pet discount, helping to make pet insurance more affordable for families with multiple pet friends.

Features of Multi-Pet Discount
  • Affordable Coverage for Multiple Pets: Everypaw understands that many households have more than one pet, and providing coverage for multiple pets can be expensive. To make pet insurance more accessible and affordable for families with multiple pet friends, Everypaw offers a multi-pet discount. This discount applies when you insure more than one pet with Everypaw, helping to reduce the overall cost of insuring your pets.
  • Flexibility in Pet Combinations: Everypaw’s multi-pet discount is flexible and accommodating to different combinations of pets. Whether you have two dogs, two cats, or a combination of both, you can take advantage of the multi-pet discount. This allows you to protect and provide comprehensive coverage for all your beloved pets without breaking the bank.
  • Simplified Policy Management: Insuring multiple pets can be complex and time-consuming, but Everypaw aims to simplify the process. With the multi-pet discount, you can manage all your pets’ insurance policies conveniently under one provider. This streamlines your policy management, making it easier to keep track of coverage details, renewals, and claims.
  • Comprehensive Coverage for Each Pet: Each pet insured under Everypaw’s multi-pet policy receives comprehensive coverage, including protection against accidents, illnesses, and wellness care. The discount applies to each individual pet’s premium, ensuring that each furry friend can receive the necessary veterinary care without compromise.

Customer Care Line Support for Everypaw Pet Insurance

For more information , To get a Quote contact on 08000380838, For  Customer services and claims call on 03445431009 For general Information you can email at [email protected] or for customer service email at [email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a waiting period for coverage?

A: Yes, there is a waiting period of 14 days for illness and 48 hours for accidents.

Q: What is the excess?

A: The excess is the amount you pay towards each claim. The excess amount varies depending on the policy you choose.

Q: How do I make a claim?

A: To make a claim, you can either submit a claim form online or by post. You’ll need to provide your pet’s medical records and receipts for any treatments or medications.

Q: How much does Everypaw pet insurance cost?

A: The cost of Everypaw pet insurance varies depending on the policy you choose, your pet’s age, breed, and health history.

Q: Can I pay monthly or annually?

A: Yes, you can choose to pay monthly or annually for your pet insurance policy.


Pet owners who want to shield their furry family members from unforeseen medical difficulties may consider Everypaw pet insurance. Pet owners can choose the policy that’s best for them and their animals from a variety of policies to fit their demands and budgets. Pet owners may rest easy knowing that their animals are covered thanks to coverage for mishaps, illnesses, and wellness care.

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