A-Plan Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

A-Plan Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

A-plan Insurance is a UK-based insurance company that provides commercial vehicles, private automobiles, house & belongings, motor breakdown cover, and tools insurance in our ground floor office.

A-Plan in Camberley, however, can assist you with any insurance requirements, and if you wish to know more about what the. A-plan insurance entails; keep reading!

Overview Of A-plan Insurance

In September 2011, our Camberley branch initially opened its doors. Because of its prime location on the main street, A-plan Insurance has been able to meet a lot of residents and get involved in community events. In addition, they offer various insurance services at A-Plan, including van, house, and auto insurance.

A-plan Insurance is committed to providing excellent customer service, and we firmly believe that our local branches’ teams of knowledgeable and amiable employees are the greatest approach to helping you and providing genuine value for your money.

Their pledge to you is to provide the appropriate level of coverage, competitive pricing, and exceptional service.

Therefore, A-Plan Camberley is a crucial one-stop shop for many people with a variety of policies that they want to entrust to a qualified, dependable team.

What You Should Know About A-Plan Insurance

One of the biggest distribution groups for specialized insurance in the UK is the A-Plan Holdings Ltd., trades as A-Plan Insurance.

The A-pan insurance company serves more than 600,000 customers in the UK through more than 90 high street locations spread over 16 counties.

These locations offer a variety of vehicle, house, life, health, marine, travel, and pet insurance policies.

The brokerage firm enjoys providing individualized services to its clients, guaranteeing “no automated call mangement systems or telephone scripts, no complicated online forms to fill out, and no jargon-filled pages of the website to trawl through.”

The firm’s parent company, A-Plan Group, was acquired by Howden in September 2020 in a deal that was at the time billed as one that would establish a “UK broking powerhouse.”

The deal elevated Howden’s parent company Hyperion Insurance Group, also the owner of DUAL and RKH Specialty, to the fifth-largest employee-owned company in the nation.

A-Plan Group CEO Carl Shuker remarked, “It was immediately clear from our negotiations that we were united on the primary significance of people, clients, and insurers and would make for a very natural fit.

The markets that the two camps serve, he said, are very complementary.

Over 1.5 million plans will be active across the A-Plan group in 2021, producing gross written premiums of £540 million. Endsleigh, Assured Futures, KGM, Vast Visibility, Sauce, and Ingenie are some of the group’s companies in addition to A-Plan Insurance.

Leadership at A-Plan Insurance

1. Carl Shucker

Shuker has held several positions at A-Plan Insurance in Oxford, where he began his career in 1981. In 2001, he played the role of deputy CEO and oversaw the first management buyout.

He assumed the position of CEO of A-Plan in 2008 and progressed through the company’s Hg MBO to group CEO in 2021. Shuker has an ACII certification and an MBA from Henley Management College.

2. Kelly Ogley

The CEO position was given to Ogley in October 2021. She was formerly the brokerage company’s chief operating officer.

After holding several top leadership positions at Swinton Insurance, Ogley joined A-Plan in 2016 as a senior consultant.

These include the heads of operations, call centers, specialized groups, acquisitions, and business change. Ogley received her MBA from Chester University.

What A-plan Insurance Covers

At A-Plan, they offer various insurance services, including “car, home, and van” coverage. The A-plan insurance is passionate about providing excellent customer service and you should think of working with the teams of helpful and knowledgeable employees in their neighborhood locations as it  is the best approach to help you provide genuine value for your money.

You have their word that:

  • help you obtain the appropriate level of coverage
  • Their lowest costs
  • Outstanding service

Their Camberley branch opened its doors for business in September 2011, and thanks to their prime location on the high street, they  have been able to meet a lot of residents and get involved in community activities.

A-plan insurance provide private car, house & contents, and commercial vehicle coverage in our ground-floor office.

A-plan Insurance Car Coverage

Car insurance coverage comes in three levels;

  • Third-party
  • Fire, theft, and third parties
  • Comprehensive

1. Third-Party

The bare minimum of the law calls for a third party. While you and your car are not covered by third-party insurance, others are.

If you hurt someone or harm their property, they are covered, but if your automobile is destroyed, stolen, vandalized, or catches fire, you are responsible for covering the damage. Likewise, not included in the glass cover.

2. Theft or Fire Damage

Theft or fire damage to your car will also be covered, in addition to the fundamental third-party insurance. The inclusion of vandalism and glass covers is not made.

3. Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is the highest level available. In addition to the fundamental third-party, third-party fire, and third-party theft coverages, your car will also be covered in the cause of an accident, even if it was your fault.

Additionally, a glass cover is typically added.

Value Creation at A-Plan Insurance

A-Plan has had significant revenue growth during the investment period, with turnover rising from £44 million in 2008 to around £73 million for the year ending in February 2015.

To grow the company, Equistone and A-Plan have jointly done the following:

  • Strengthening the management team by cooperating with the CEO, Carl Shuker. This involved the hiring of a CFO, the formation of the position of Commercial Director, and the selection of a new COO.
  • Additionally, A-Plan’s marketing, analytical, and compliance activities were developed, strengthening the overall management team.
  • Supporting management in implementing strategic change, particularly to enhance the branch roll-out and marketing strategy.
  • As a result, A-Plan’s geographic reach was increased to provide nationwide coverage. A new emphasis was also put on expanding A-Plan’s specialty lines of business.

How To Lower Insurance Premiums

New drivers have numerous options for lowering their A-plan insurance prices. Insuring a vehicle with a smaller engine is one of the way they do this, they also engage in  taking the Pass Plus course, selecting a black box policy, including a seasoned and low-risk driver in the policy, paying a greater voluntary excess, and looking for insurance.

It’s crucial to remember that adding coverage through add-ons might not always be the most affordable option, so it’s imperative to compare prices and get guidance from an insurance broker.

While getting your driver’s license is an exciting occasion, it’s crucial to understand and obtain auto insurance.

A-plan Insurance Contact Details


Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3RB Address 23 High Street Telephone

01276 673300

Email [email protected]

Visit Website

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: Opening hour is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: 2:30 to 4:30

Sunday Closed

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I locate the data and paperwork for my auto insurance policy?

You have three options for receiving your policy documents: by mail, in person at your branch, or in an online portal for printing whenever needed. Your branch will email login information if you select this final option.

Do not be reluctant to get in touch with the branch for assistance if you are having issues logging in or if you have misplaced your login information.

How do I cancel my auto insurance?

You can revoke your agreement with us for insurance coverage at any time. If you want to cancel, you should inform the branch that set up your insurance in writing.

When feasible, please return your Certificate of Motor Insurance. They will walk you through the most cost effective manner to do this.

We will restore the unused portion of your payment, less applicable fees, as long as no claims are pending or paid during the current insurance period. Once the outstanding balance has been settled with them, we will reimburse you any remaining sum if your insurance was paid for with premium financing.

Where is A-plan insurance located?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA, a registration code 310164) has approved and regulated A-Plan Holdings. On the FCA website, https://register.fca.org.uk/, you may verify our registration. 2 Des Roches Square, Witney, OX28 4LE, is our registered office. Licensed in England.

Who owns a plan, and why?

The group has experienced tremendous expansion and has developed a place of strength and stability thanks to the high acquisition activity in recent years. For example, the acquisition of A-Plan Group by Howden Group Holdings Limited was just finalized.

Is A-Plan  insurance a broker?

Yes, the A-plan insurance is a broker is and it is one of the greatest networks in the UK, with more than 100 branches spread throughout the nation, most of which are conveniently situated on high streets.


A-Plan offer various insurance options, including van, house, and auto.

They are so passionate about providing excellent customer service and you can think of working with their  teams of helpful and knowledgeable employees in different neighborhood locations because it s the best approach to help you and provide genuine value for your money.

A-Plan Insurance has been operating in Leamington Spa for slightly over 20 years. Personal service is still something they value highly, just as it was when they first started. Their motive and goal is to offer you the greatest policy at the most reasonable cost. A-plan insurance are available to handle all of your insurance needs.

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