Darwin Car Insurance Company Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

Darwin Auto Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

Have you been looking for a trusted insurance company for your car? Worry no more as you Darwin Insurance company is more than reliable. Go through this piece, and you’ll know everything about Darwin’s Insurance Company.

Darwin Insurance: An Overview

Sumit Bahukhandi established Darwin in Peterborough in 2019. Based in the Amazon Web Services cloud, the company solely sold through price comparison websites and was formerly known as Moneysupermarket.

It serves as a proving ground for innovative concepts and has a pricing mechanism that differs from the other companies in the group.

Darwin Insurance is an innovative insurance provider with a presence in the UK and membership in the Direct Line Group.

Darwin offers auto insurance at a cost that treats clients fairly rather than judging them based on how much they resemble people “a bit like them.”

Several prominent brands, including Direct Line, Churchill, Privilege, and Green Flag, are owned by UK Insurance Limited, which also underwrites Darwin’s auto insurance coverage.

The FCA and Prudential Regulation Authority have complete regulatory authority over the company.

Only a comprehensive auto insurance plan is available from Darwin, and it gives the following advantages:

  • Uninsured motorist guarantee
  • Up to twenty-one days of courtesy transportation (or £50 per day for a total of £500 in travel expenses)
  • Benefit for purchasing a new vehicle (conditions apply)
  • If carried out by authorized repairers, repairs are guaranteed for five years.
  • Individual mishap
  • Window covering
  • Bonus for not filing any claims, if any individual possessions
  • Satellite navigation and audio devices
  • Up to £20 million in liability protection
  • Ninety days of protection while traveling abroad

Darwin’s offer is attractive if you’re seeking a specific policy. It has a courtesy vehicle and an uninsured driver guarantee and offers several practical add-ons.

As this is a substantial administration fee related to making changes via the phone, Darwin is most appropriate for customers who manage their policy solely online. However, the end user service phone line is reachable seven days a week with flexible hours, even on holidays.

The vehicle insurance provider intended an evolution in insurance. The business offers a machine learning-based method of price determination that displays costs for the five highest-rated products while providing value, allowing users to purchase standard auto insurance.

Darwin’s Insurance Claim Process

Call 0345 246 2089 to submit an insurance claim for your Darwin vehicle. Every day of the week, lines are available.

You can reach the 24-hour emergency support line at 0800 051 9958 regarding an emergency.

Contact Darwin’s windscreen partner Autoglass for claims at 0800 328 9150.

The following details must be available when you call to submit a claim:

  • What you said
  • What transpired, and how damaged is your vehicle?
  • Whether your car can be driven
  • your location
  • Details of any bystanders or other individuals who witnessed the incident Identification of anyone on board in your car or that of another party
  • Involvement of the police and any crime reference numbers

Benefits of Darwin’s Insurance

  • Unlicensed motorist guarantee is a standard feature: If an uninsured motorist hits you, we’ll pay your excess, and you will not forfeit your Zero Claim Discount. To make a claim, you should have the other car’s make, model, registration number, and (if available) the other driver’s information.
  • New car replacement: If your vehicle has been written off and you are the initial (and only) enrolled owner, we will give you a replacement vehicle of the same model and make if your vehicle is not up to a year old.
  • Pairs are five years guaranteed (when done by authorized repairers).
  • There is no administrative fee for online policy modifications.
  • There is a 24-hour claims line available.

Policies Offered at Darwin Insurance

Only Comprehensive cover is available from Darwin.

The policyholder is protected from all third-party risks and unintentional harm to the insured vehicle. It also offers coverage for personal accidents, injuries, windscreen, medical costs, personal effects, and in-car entertainment. It also covers the event of the policyholder’s death.

Darwin’s Policy Cover

We’ll pay up to £100,000 of legal costs so as to help you claim from the person responsible for an accident involving your car.

Included with Darwin Gold and Platinum

2. Breakdown Cover

All our customers can access Darwin breakdown coverage, which Green Flag offers. Access is provided to:

  • A nationwide network of experts on breakdowns
  • Insurance for anyone who is permitted to operate your vehicle
  • Darwin Platinum which includes Rescue.

Renewal Fee In Darwin Insurance

You will receive this information well in advance of the expiration of your current policy. In addition, your renewal documentation will notify you of the total amount required to renew your policy, your yearly insurance costs, and the total annual price for any elective extras.

For you to compare, we’ll also tell you the premium from the previous year based on the recent information we have for you.

If you’ve selected to renew automatically, you do not need to do something if you want to stay alongside us, and your information is accurate. We’ll renew your policy on your behalf automatically. When we communicate with you, we’ll let you know if you’ve decided not to let your insurance policy renew automatically and include instructions on what you must do.

Changes Darwin Needs To Be Notified About Immediately It Happens

The address where you typically park your automobile; 

  • Any modifications made to your vehicle; 
  • Any changes in your or anybody else covered by this policy’s employment status, including part-time employment;
  • If you or anybody insured by this coverage completes your driving test;
  • If you or anyone covered by this insurance has ever had an unreported claim or driving conviction.
  • You can enter your online profile and edit your information whenever something regarding your policy changes.

The following information can be changed online using your portal.

Personal and contact information; adding a new driver to your policy; updating information for extra drivers; changing a vehicle; updating information for your present car; and changing your insurance coverage and how you use your vehicle.

How To Make A Claim On Darwin’s Insurance

Contacting our claims staff will enable you to submit a claim. Call 0345 246 2089, our customer claim line, to do this.

Following a crash, here are six key tips to remember:

  • Record any witnesses’ names, phone numbers, and license plate numbers of any connected vehicles.
  • Resist the urge to take the fall.
  • As well as information on any property damage, you should ask the addresses, names, and phone numbers of those involved in the incident, including anyone onboard in the other car.
  • If it is reasonable to do it and you have a camera or a camera phone, take a picture of the accident scene. Your documentation of Motor Coverage must be presented to the police if anyone else was hurt in the collision besides you.
  • The proof of Motor Insurance must be presented to the police if anyone else besides you was hurt in the collision. Submit evidence to the cops as soon as possible or in just 24 hours if you cannot do so immediately.
  • To depict the direction the cars have traveled in and their ultimate positions, draw a graphic of the scenario with the movement of the vehicles. To help you remember the incident, note the names of the roads, the locations of any evidence, and any other pertinent information.

Darwin’s Insurance Contact Information

The best place to manage your policy is through the online account if you need to do so. This method of updating your information is free, but updating them over the phone will cost you £25 instead.

  • Call 0345 246 2083 if you want to speak to customer care over the phone. The phone lines are open from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Dial 0800 400 600 to reach Green Flag for breakdown assistance.
  • Dial 0333 321 8566 to speak with Close Brothers Premium Finance about your monthly installments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Darwin Gold and Darwin Platinum policies come equipped with Motor Legal Protection, an add-on that you can add to the insurance policy for a small additional fee.

If you are not faulty for an accident regarding your car and your claim has a greater than 50% likelihood of success, it offers up to £100,000 to cover your legal expenses.

You can make claims for things like lost wages resulting from a personal injury or damage to any valuables that were in your car during the time of the collision.

When traveling during a severe weather warning, am I covered?

When dangerous weather conditions, including rain, snow, ice, wind, and fog, are present, the Weather Service may issue yellow, amber, and red weather warnings. With red being the most significantly hazardous color, these warnings urge you to drive carefully.

Driving amid a red weather notice won’t invalidate your insurance, but it is strongly advised that you avoid doing so unless necessary. You will remain protected as usual if an accident occurs even while a warning is in effect.

If you decide to travel while a weather warning is in effect, be careful and pay attention to weather-related driving advice.

Why has the cost of my renewal increased from last year’s?

There are numerous reasons why your premium might have gone up each year. They might consist of:

  • If you’ve filed a claim, your No Claims Bonus may have been lessened.
  • A change in conditions from one year to the next, such as a change in your car, home address, or driver.
  • Darwin regularly reviews its prices and underwriting standards to give consumers the greatest value possible. This implies that costs could fluctuate even in the lack of claims or modifications to your policy’s specifics.


Darwin’s Insurance Company is a guaranteed car insurance company, a subsidiary of Direct Line Group, One of the leading companies in the US. In the above article, there are benefits of Darwin’s Insurance Company and how to get your car insured under it.

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