Avanti Travel Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

The Avanti Travel Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

Avanti Travel Insurance is a guaranteed and well-trusted travel insurance company that has the qualities you might have been searching for in a travel insurance company. Have you been looking for reliable travel insurance? Worry no more! 

It would be wonderful if you would go read this article, as it will direct you through accessing and using Avanti Travel Insurance.

What You Need to Know About Avanti Travel Insurance

Initially situated in Braintree, Essex, Avanti Travel Insurance was founded in 2009. In 2017, Howserv Group (now Staysure Group), the same company that bought Staysure and relocated to Northampton, acquired the business. Avanti is known for its adaptability and inventiveness and has received numerous travel accolades. The business has always taken the same stance on travel insurance:

  • Never hurry
  • Obtain with assurance
  • Not on price comparison websites

A company that offers financial assistance to assist travelers with medical issues. The business helps senior citizens worry-free by providing travel insurance covering cabin confinement, missed ports of call, and other related events.

Your chosen policy’s maximum coverage amount applies to your personal belongings. In addition, over 60 sports and activities, including bungee jumping and jet skiing, are covered by the travel insurance policy without additional cost.

The Classic and Deluxe insurance also offer Winter Sports, which have no maximum age requirement. However, winter sports travel insurance must be purchased as an Add-On for policies that cover a single trip.

Providing at least two consecutive nights of pre-booked lodging, trips inside the UK are covered. High levels of coverage are available with Avanti travel insurance. If you want to travel overseas for an extended period, it is worth looking out.

Offered Policies At Avanti Travel Insurance

Avanti provides three different cover options:

1. One Journey

Whether you are going to Europe or another continent, single-trip travel insurance covers you for just one journey. 

When you buy the policy, it starts to cover you, and when you go home, it stops. So your baggage lost passports, and trip cancellation because of a medical emergency are all covered by your travel insurance coverage.

It would be doing you good to go through the following before getting travel insurance from Avanti:

  • Be in good health and follow your doctor’s advice regarding traveling.
  • It would be best not to go abroad for medical procedures, examinations, or consultations.
  • Not having a terminal illness when traveling.

2. Annual Multiple Trip Coverage

Consider the yearly multi-trip travel insurance package if you plan to travel abroad several times a year.

These are the conditions of this yearly policy:

  • Medical conditions from the past are covered.
  • No older age is permitted.
  • People under 70 are allowed a maximum of 50 days of travel, while those over 70 are allowed a maximum of 35 days.
  • A maximum of 183 days may be spent abroad annually.

However, many other travel insurance companies do not cover travelers over 70. Therefore, the maximum number of days per trip for those over 70 is constrained.

3. Long-term Travel Insurance

For customers who intend to travel overseas for a lengthy period, Avanti offers long-stay insurance products that provide expanded coverage. Although this policy is flexible, the following points are important to keep in mind

  • Healthcare coverage extends to existing medical issues.
  • Age 75 is the maximum.
  • Five hundred fifty days are the maximum stay period.

This policy allows you to travel for up to 550 days in a foreign nation without exceeding a certain age limit.

It is a wonderful alternative for people who would love to explore the world or see friends and family.

Cover Limit at Avanti Travel Insurance

Avanti offers three different levels of protection:

  • Essentials: Up to £5,000,000 in medical costs, £1,000 in lost personal property, and £1,000 in missed vacation days are covered.
  • Classic: Up to £10,000,000 in medical costs, £2,000 in personal property, and £5,000 in missed vacation days are all covered.
  • Deluxe: You’ll receive limitless coverage for medical costs, £3,000 worth of personal property, and £7,500 for postponed travel.

The cover limitations are most likely to matter to you are listed here. Between the three levels, the cover limits vary significantly more.

Essentials coverClassic CoverDeluxe Cover
Cancellation over/cutting your holiday short£1000£5000£7500
Medical emergency and repatriation£5 million£10 millionUnlimited
Personal baggage£1000£2000£3000
Missed departure £1000 £1500
End supplier failure cover £2500£2500
Money and passport cover £300£500£600
Personal liability£2 million £2 million £2 million
Excess £150£75Nil

You are only insured for locations, not on the Foreign Office’s restricted list, which is one of the things to look at while looking. As a result, if you visit a nation where the Foreign Office issues travel warnings, your travel insurance coverage would be null and void.

Benefits Of Avanti Travel Insurance

  • Over 20,000 reviews for Avanti Travel Insurance have given it an outstanding rating on Trustpilot.
  • If you have planned more than one trip for the year, you can pick between a single trip coverage and an annual policy.
  • When you need medical care while traveling overseas or if you contract it before your vacation and have to cancel it, Covid-19 coverage can be helpful.
  • To be covered, if you go somewhere, the FCDO advises against, you can apply for a policy extension.
  • Obtain protection for your existing medical conditions.
  • No upper age limit applies.
  • You can choose between the Essentials, Classic, and Deluxe policy levels depending on your needs.
  • Your yearly coverage allows you to extend a trip for a maximum of 90 days.

Depending on your situation, Avanti Travel Insurance offers good value compared to some of the limitations other travel insurance companies put in place. Although age restrictions exist, they are not as strict as some of the company’s rivals. You will consequently have priceless peace of mind while traveling! The company provides both cruise-related and non-cruise-related travel insurance packages. You must be as forthcoming as possible if you have any concerns or a pre-existing medical condition. Although it’s doubtful that this will impact your travel insurance coverage, some convergences may be void if you fail to declare if necessary.

Maximum Duration Of A Single Trip Or Long Stay Policy

As long as it doesn’t exceed the following maximum, coverage is valid for the duration of your trip as specified on your Validation Certificate:

AgeEurope All CountriesWW Including WW Excluding
0-65550 days550 days550 days
66-70366 days276 days184 days
71-75366 days184 days 123 days

Pre-existing Medical Condition That You Must Declare Before Travelling

  • Any past or present medical condition that has resulted in symptoms for which any form of treatment, prescribed medication, medical consultation, investigation, or follow-up/check-up, has been needed or received, during the two years before the start of cover under this policy, before purchasing this policy, or anytime between the date you purchased this policy and the date you depart on a trip.
  • Any cardiovascular or circulatory condition (such as a heart condition, hypertension, blood clots, elevated cholesterol, stroke, aneurysm, or brain hemorrhage) that had happened at any time before this policy’s coverage began, before you purchased it or at any time between the date you purchased it and the departure date for a trip.

Avanti will cover most pre-existing medical issues, but you must disclose them in your initial application. Avanti has the right to revoke your insurance coverage if it later turns out you have one or more pre-existing conditions but failed to disclose them to the insurance provider.

If a medical issue isn’t covered, Avanti Travel Insurance may be able to suggest a substitute in the unlikely occasion that it does. Another choice is purchasing a conventional policy but excluding a specific medical condition.

Offers For Old Travelers at Avanti Travel Insurance

Some typical travel insurance policies might not be applicable as we age. For instance, there can be age limits, or they might not recognize pre-existing medical issues. What precisely is an offer for the senior traveler, even when businesses like Avanti Travel Insurance specialize in individuals over 50?

  • Age limitations apply to traditional insurance companies but are less rigorous for specialized providers.
  • Regardless of your age, there is a suitable single, annual, or long-stay travel insurance policy.
  • Travel insurance prices have decreased as a result of increased market competition.
  • There are a variety of alternatives for older travelers’ travel insurance policies, including custom solutions.

Contact Support Of Avanti Travel Insurance

Only if you are in Canada or US, where you should dial +1-833-251-8487 (US and Canada’s calls are freephone when called from a landline; call charges to apply when called from a mobile); if it is an emergency and need assistance, dial +44 (0) 1403 288 123 from overseas. Lines are accessible 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer repatriation coverage?

Repatriation does fall under the policy’s Medical Expenses section. If you require repatriation back to the UK, don’t hesitate to contact the firm providing 24-hour medical emergency help as soon as possible, as specified in your policy language. They will determine whether the situation falls within the purview of your insurance.

What will happen if my health forces me to postpone my trip?

The covered occurrences of insurance for postponing and reducing your vacation are confirmed in your policy’s wording. If your circumstances are covered, you must file a claim with our claims department. Please make sure to have your policy schedule on hand when you call.

Can a pregnant woman travel?

Pregnancy and childbirth are not regarded as diseases or injuries. To avoid doubt, we only offer coverage for items listed in sections 1 and 2 – Cancelling and shortening your vacation – and 3 – Medical Emergency Expenses, Repatriation, and Hospital Daily Benefit. Ensure you read the definition of “Complications of pregnancy” in the policy wording’s “Definitions” section.

Can you use an annual policy for independent travel?

Adults traveling under the Annual Travel Insurance insurance are permitted to travel alone. In addition, as long as a responsible adult at least 18 years old is present, children are permitted to travel alone.

What actions should I take if, while I’m abroad, my personal belongings are taken or lost?

Make sure to call the claims service when you return to the UK after reporting the loss or theft to the police and requesting a formal police report within 48 hours of the loss or theft being discovered. The Table of Benefits in the policy wording provides more information about the coverage limits.

If I have a yearly policy, do I have to inform you every time I travel?

No, you don’t have to tell us every time you travel, but you must notify us of any changes in your situation after the policy has been issued and before your departure.

What is the Avanti travel insurance return policy period?

Revocation Rights We will fully refund your premium, less any fees and processing costs, if you decide to cancel your policy within fourteen days of issue or receipt of your policy terms and conditions, whichever comes first. To exercise this entitlement, you must not have traveled, made a claim, or planned to do so.


Avanti Travel Insurance is one of the UK’s most reliable travel insurance companies. They have a lot of benefits. A trial will convince you.

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