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Sutton Bank

The independent community Sutton Bank was established in Ohio. According to the Independent Community Bankers of America, Sutton Bank, which is celebrating 144 years, has developed into a top-performing community bank, and it is one of the best banks you can opt for in the U.K.

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Overview Of Sutton Bank

Sutton Bank was established in 1878, and its history is inextricably interwoven with Huron and Seneca Counties in the southeast. To meet the expanding requirements of the farmers and businesspeople of Attica, Ohio, attorney Lester Sutton created the bank.

It has long served as a community pillar, enduring the Great Depression, war, and changing economic conditions. Sutton Bank is still a thriving institution, supported by the vitality and effectiveness of its neighborhood.

Sutton Bank is a forward-thinking, privately held, independent community bank. It has repeatedly been recognized as one of Ohio’s top agricultural and small business lenders. This affirms our commitment to serving local financial requirements and delivering outstanding customer service through local decision-making.

The Sutton Bank roots go deep in north central Ohio, with its people, economy, and values. They are familiar with the residents of the areas we serve. Their employees also participate in the decisions made by regional business associations while they live and work there. Sutton Bank currently runs eight full-service branch locations throughout four counties.

Banking has always been fundamentally about being accountable to customers and earning their trust. The founders of Sutton Bank believe they must uphold their independence and offer goods and services that stem from an awareness of the requirements of both our individual and commercial clients.

What The Sutton Bank Offer

1. Loans for Business & Agriculture

Sutton Bank is quite proud of their ties to the commercial and agricultural communities. Whatever your sector, we provide the ideal financing, excellent rates, and flexible payback options you require to keep expanding and succeeding in the area. Our loan specialists understand your family’s needs and reside and work in the same place as you.

The business loan offerings include:

  • Loans for Commercial Real Estate
  • Commercial Term Loans
  • operational credit lines, equipment loans
  • Commercial Credit Cards

The Agribusiness Loans are:

  • Farm Credit Lines
  • Agricultural loans for equipment, real estate, and working capital
  • Agricultural Leasing Livestock Loans

2. Banking Online

You must go mobile if you want to offer 21st-century banking. The Sutton Bank customers are constantly moving, whether managing a busy business or transporting the kids between soccer practice and school. We provide our mobile banking app for this reason. The Sutton Bank app is free to download on the App Store or Google Play.

Online Banking is one of their digital banking services, and what it entails are:

  • Mobile Banking and Online Bill Pay
  • eStatments for mobile check deposits
  • Phone Wallet

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  • Cost-free Visa debit card
  • Check writing is unrestricted

Recreation Activity at Sutton Bank

Sutton Bank has been utilized since the early 1930s for ridge soaring in gliding because it faces the prevailing westerly winds. On top of the hill is where the Yorkshire Gliding Club is located.

A high-tech Lime & Ice exhibition at the Sutton Bank National Park Centre, also at the summit of the hill, tells the tale of how the dramatic movement of ice age glaciers created the famous landscape and view. Additionally, there is a tea room, a gift shop, and an official tourist information center.

A parking lot outside leads to wheelchair and pushchair-accessible pathways that lead to an observation platform with views of Roulston Scar, Hood Hill, Gormire Lake, and farther.

Sutton Bank Contact Details

For banking Services Call: 800.422.3641 (Monday–Friday, 8–5:30, Saturday, 8–12 EST)

Call 866.317.0355 (after hours) to reach Sutton Bank’s credit card customer service.

For after-hours assistance with Sutton Bank debit cards, call 800.383.8000.

Disputes involving Sutton Bank Debit Cards (Shazam):833.288.1126

  • Postal Code for Sutton Bank: P.O. Box 505 Sutton Bank Attica, OH 44807-0505
  • (SUTTON BANK BRANDED) CARD LOST OR STOLEN: When you unexpectedly discover that your credit card has disappeared, you may experience panic. When that time comes, you can count on us to help you protect your personal information, credit, and bank account.
  • During regular business hours, dial: to report a lost or stolen Sutton Bank card.
  • Call 866.839.3485 after hours or dial 800.422.3641 for Sutton Bank Visa credit cards.

Call 800.422.3641 or 800.383.8000 to use a Sutton Bank Visa debit card during business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sutton Bank stand for?

A web-based service called Sutton Bank Mobile brings the ease of online banking to your mobile device. You can conduct banking-related operations from your phone around the clock with Sutton Bank Mobile.

The following services are available through Sutton Bank Mobile:

  • Look at account balances
  • Observe the transaction history
  • Watch active trades
  • Money is moved.
  • Make advances or loan repayments
  • Get “eAlerts” on banking transactions

What is the Sutton Bank Mobile login process?

A text message with a link to Sutton Bank Mobile is sent to the registered device following enrollment. Go to the login page that the bank has supplied if the SMS message has been erased. To request a new “One Time Password” to send a new text message to the device for login, go to the login page.

What should I enter as my Access ID?

Sutton Bank Online Banking and Sutton Bank Mobile use the same Access ID.

Which smartphones can I use Sutton Bank Mobile with?

The phones must support XHTML pages and have internet connectivity. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your carrier for more information about your phone’s unique settings.

How quickly does Sutton Bank release funds?

According to our policy, you will be able to access the money from your cash or check deposits on the first working day after we receive them. We will make electronic direct deposits available on the day we receive the money.

What is Sutton Bank’s maximum external transfer amount?

The most money you can send out of your account each day, excluding transfers between accounts, is the maximum paid payment limit per day, which is $99,999.

What happens if my deposit at Sutton bank has a problem?

You’ll receive an email after making your deposit confirming that it has been received and is being processed. The warranty will be denied if there are any issues with the check picture itself or the endorsement, and you will be notified via email as to why. You can redeposit the check using the mobile application if you get such a warning. You will get a letter requesting you to bring the bill to a Sutton Bank branch to settle any issues with the transaction, such as insufficient funds for the check deposited or possible fraud.

When will I have access to my money?

Funds may be available later since deposits are subject to verification. The next business day is typically when your account has access to check promises made by 4:00 on a business day. Monday through Friday are considered business days (postal holidays excepted).

Can my cell phone receive alerts about account activity?

You can configure Alerts to send text messages, emails, or both, to your mobile device. To receive email messages, remember that you’ll need a web-enabled phone and good internet service from your cell phone provider.

Register for Internet Banking to configure your alerts. Follow the on-screen instructions after selecting the NEW link in the events line from the MESSAGES section. Choose EMAIL from the SEND TO pull-down menu. EMAIL ADDRESS is the line after that. You may choose where and how to deliver alerts to your mobile device from here.


The independent community Sutton Bank is established in Ohio. According to the Independent Community Bankers of America, Sutton Bank, celebrating 144 years, has developed into a top-performing community bank.

The foundation of Sutton Payments is Sutton Bank, which significantly focuses on prepaid payments and is invested in payments as a key banking product. As one of the first prepaid banks, Sutton offers card programs that are adaptable, adjustable, and have special features.

Unlike the typical U.S. bank, Sutton Bank typically charges customers incredibly cheap costs. 

Sutton Bank is ideal for consumers who seek a straightforward banking experience because there is no monthly cost. Unfortunately, Sutton Bank does not reimburse out-of-network ATM fees. Therefore, you must find a Sutton Bank ATM or pay the withdrawal fee.

By now, I hope you have a better understanding of Sutton bank!

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