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Shawbrook Bank

Shawbrook Bank provide various banking services, such as asset finance, home renovation financing, business mortgage loans, secured personal loans, and business savings accounts.

Shawbrook is a developing specialized bank in the UK, and its philosophy of saving and lending is based on the straightforward and traditional nature of common sense. 

The close connections they also make with their clients and business partners distinguish them. It is therefore very essential for you to have a better understanding of how the Shawbrook bank works.

Overview of Shawbrook Bank

One of the first new banks to enter the market following the financial crisis was Shawbrook. With one of the largest client bases for savings among new entrant banks, it has developed diverse lending activities and generated £94.4m in profit before tax in its half-year results through June 30, 2021.

Since its debut in August 2017, The Bank’s quick access account has been a constant one according to clients’ best buy lists. Shawbrook banks has also led their business savings  and has had a fantastic start to 2021 with extremely cheap fixed-rate savings accounts and ISAs.

Shawbrook’s half-yearly figures show that its savers have a net promoter score of 82%. In order to  provide small and medium-sized enterprises and consumer customers in the UK with various lending and saving solutions, the London-based Shawbrook Bank was established in 2011.

Shawbrook participated in a new Tier 2 note issue to obtain funding from British Business Investments. The business now had the flexibility it required to:

  • Control its capitalization
  • Enhance its performance to fulfill its strategic goal of being the preferred specialized small business lender in the UK.
  • Shawbrook can now continue supporting small businesses all over the UK, including the Bolney Wine Estate, a Sussex-based enterprise, thanks to the funding supplied by British Business Investments. It obtained a £3.5 million asset-based loan arrangement from Shawbrook to assist estate expansion and offer a more adaptable working capital facility.

Shawbrook’s financial support allowed Bolney Wine Estate to increase its production capacity, enabling it to meet its target of producing 300,000 bottles of top-quality still and sparkling wines by 2022. 

Account Creation with Shawbrook Bank

The Shawbrook Bank carefully choose the target markets they serve their clients, all of which are underserved by the big banks. With Shawbrook, you can open an account online.

Before opening an account, you must be informed of the required minimum deposit and the maximum balance you can keep. This will vary depending on the budget you pick:

  • Cash ISAs: All of our cash ISA balance limits, which range from £1,000 to £250,000, are the same.
  • Fix-rate debt: Their fixed-rate bonds have balance requirements of £1000 and $2,000,000, respectively.
  • Watch accounts: The 45-day and 120-day notice accounts of Shawbrook shall have a minimum balance of £1000 and a maximum balance of £500,000.
  • Accounts you can access: A balance of at least £1000 is necessary for our easy-access accounts.

Services Offered by Shawbrook Bank

Clients who have experienced “FrOMO,” also known as “frustration of missing out,” or “FOMO,” are assisted by Shawbrook. This concept was developed in response to consumer experiences who were misled or perplexed by personal loan advertisements that referred to “representative” or “introductory” rates of interest that ended up being higher than they had anticipated. Shawbrook promises to give each customer special pricing upfront and does not use these prices.

In terms of business financing, Shawbrook operates differently from typical banks. In contrast, these organizations rely on fixed scorecards and automated methods to decide on client financing solutions; Shawbrook adopts a more individualized, all-encompassing approach. On their personnel, they have industry experts from many fields, representatives from local business centers, and local experts.

Withdrawal Condition from Shawbrook Bank Savings Account

The type of account will determine how much and how frequently you can withdraw money:

1. The Cash ISA

The Shawbrook bank ISAs allow withdrawals, but any withdrawals will incur an interest fee if you choose a fixed cash ISA. While redepositing in our quick access cash ISA is permitted, it is less flexible than in a conventional easy access account because you must stay within your £20,000 tax-free threshold.

2. Fixed-rate debt

Money can only be withdrawn from a fixed-rate bond once the term has ended or the account has reached maturity. A notice or easy-access statement is more appropriate if you need your savings before maturity.

3. Notice Accounts

Only under the terms of the account’s notice period, which is either 45 or 120 days, can withdrawals be made. Once the notice has passed, we’ll send your money to the account you specify once you let us know you wish to access your savings.

 4. Quick access

There are no restrictions on how often you can take money from an easy-access account up to the full balance, but minimum withdrawal requirements exist. There is a £500 minimum withdrawal requirement for our regular easy-access reports.

5. Taxable-free accounts

There is no income tax on cash ISAs. Up to £20,000 can be invested tax-free in a cash ISA during the 2023–2024 tax year.

Shawbrook Bank Sort Code

Their sort codes identify a specific UK bank and branch.

Sorting codes are especially crucial when sending money to UK bank accounts since they ensure that the recipient’s funds arrive promptly and in the proper location.

The sort code of the local UK account to which you are transferring a payment must be provided for your bank to complete the transfer. You might be prompted for the account’s sort code or an IBAN if you’re sending money to the UK from abroad.

Since the sort code information is part of the account’s IBAN, even if the bank merely requests your IBAN, it will still have all it needs to ensure that your money is delivered to its destination without issue.

How can I locate my sort code at Shawbrook Bank Limited?

How to determine your Shawbrook Bank Limited sort code includes the following methods:

  • They gave the sort codes for some of the largest UK banks on the Shawbrook Bank page.
  • You can obtain your account number and sort code by logging into online banking or your bank’s app.
  • Banks frequently display the sort code and account number on the front or back of bank cards.
  • from a deposit slip or bank statement issued by the bank
  • The sort code, which includes the digits on this page, should always be verified with your bank or the recipient to ensure that the bank can process your payment efficiently and safely.

Shawbrook Bank Contact Info

Shawbrook Bank’s contact details are listed below:

  • Lutea House is at the Warley Hill Business Park at The Drive in Great Warley, Brentwood, Essex CM13 3BE.
  • The website address is  The phone number is 0345 266 6611.

Email [email protected]

Opening Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Monday to Friday

Frequently Asked Questions

How many segments does Shawbrook Bank

The four operating business divisions that makeup Shawbrook are Property Finance, Business Finance, Consumer (Personal Loans), and Savings (Business and Personal). We set ourselves apart by focusing on markets where our in-depth expertise, sound judgment, and individualized underwriting strategy give us a competitive advantage.

How long do withdrawals from Shawbrook Bank take?

To have your money arrive the following business day, you must request a withdrawal by 2.30 p.m. on a working day. You will have your cash by midnight on Tuesday if you request a withdrawal after the deadline on Friday or at any time on a Saturday or Sunday.

Can funds be transferred between Shawbrook accounts?

Notify us via a secure message from your customer portal if you want to move your Shawbrook ISA to another Shawbrook ISA, and we’ll conduct the transfer.

When was Shawbrook Bank Established?

Following the acquisition of Whiteaway Laidlaw Bank by a group of private investors led by RBS Equity Finance (later Pollen Street Capital), Shawbrook was established in 2011. In October 2011, Whiteaway Laidlaw became Shawbrook. The bank purchased Singers Asset Finance in 2012 and Centric Commercial Finance in 2014.

Shawbrook’s business is centered on providing loans to people and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who can’t or have yet to be successful in getting financing from larger commercial banks.

Are Shawbrook and other banks connected?

In October 2011, Whiteaway Laidlaw Bank changed its name to Shawbrook Bank. Shawbrook Asset Finance was bought in March 2013, after Singers Asset Finance was acquired in March 2012. In June 2014, the bank purchased asset-based lender Centric Commercial Finance, later rebranded as Shawbrook Business Credit.


Shawbrook is a specialized bank with the daily mission of empowering creativity to create opportunity. We like those prepared to put in the effort, provide fresh perspectives, and think anything is possible.

Customers are always different, whether they need mortgages for landlords with several properties, personal and business savings accounts, loans for weddings and new automobiles, or complicated financial credit facilities for firms requiring major investment. 

We provide our clients the best of both worlds by creatively fusing human inventiveness and knowledge with a fintech’s agility and customer service to produce the best results; you will also find the Shawbrook Bank, mostly in the United Kingdom and Essex district.

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