Ageas Insurance Limited Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

Ageas Insurance Limited - Home, Car, Travel Insurance & All You Need To Know

Ageas Insurance Limited Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

Are you in the UK and thinking of buying a home, car, travel, or any other type of insurance from Ageas Insurance Limited, but want to know what it entails?

If so, then continue reading. You will learn more about home, car, and travel insurance in the Ageas Insurance Limited, so let’s begin!

Brief Introduction About Ageas Insurance Limited

Ageas is a prestigious worldwide insurer that was established about 200 years ago and is currently ranked among the top 20 insurance providers in Europe.

Ageas, the insurance provider of choice for millions of people worldwide, offers daily help to drivers, homeowners, and companies in the UK. Ageas is the UK’s sixth-largest house insurance and the ninth-largest auto insurer as of 2021.

Ageas strongly emphasizes the experience of its clientele, and while filing a claim, customers can contact a live person around the clock every day of the year. The business has earned multiple Gold Standard Insurance Awards and is well known for its coverage and client service.

Ageas seeks to actively include its workforce in developing a unique workplace culture and culture and achieving all employees’ goals.

The organization seeks to develop a base in each area where it operates and considers itself an international insurer with a duty of care to all stakeholders.

Core Values Of Ageas Insurance Limited

Across all organizational levels, Ageas places high importance on the following core values in its employees:

  • Share: this happens through joint learning and exchanging all triumphs, knowledge, and experiences.
  • Care: Ageas believes employees treating one another may build a great business culture.
  • Dare: Ageas challenges everyone associated with the organization to push limits and, whenever feasible, to avoid being afraid of taking a chance.
  • Deliver: Ageas strives to fulfill its commitments by concentrating on its main value propositions.

Car Insurance At Ageas Insurance Limited

With more than four million drivers insured, Ageas ranks as the sixth-largest auto insurer in the UK.

It was established in 1824 as Assurances Générales, a life insurance company, and is now part of a multinational organization with its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

The UK subsidiary, known as Ageas Insurance International, has its headquarters in Eastleigh, Hampshire, and’s highest rating given by Defaqto for Ageas’ auto insurance is five stars.

Ageas offers three levels of coverage if you select it: comprehensive, third-party, fire and theft, and third-party only. You can also buy add-ons, such as key protection, breakdown, replacement car, and legal fees coverage.

Its comprehensive car issuance policies come included with the following clauses:

  • Uninsured motorist guarantee: If you get into an accident with an uninsured motorist, it won’t damage your no-claims bonus.
  • Onward Travel: Travel is included if you cannot drive a car.
  • No administrative fees: You will not be charged for online modifications.
  • 24/7 availability: An emergency phone line is available at all times, either during the day or at night.
  • Courtesy Vehicle: Autonomous vehicle or a courtesy vehicle to use while yours is being fixed at a certified garage
  • Windscreen covering: The price to replace your windshield or window covering.

AGEAS Comprehensive Policy

A thorough coverage will pay for any harm you do to other drivers or their property. However, it will also compensate you if your vehicle is damaged in a collision, a fire, or a heist.

The uninsured driver pledge from AGEAS allows you to maintain your no-claims bonus even if a driver strikes you without insurance.

In addition, AGEAS will provide transportation to your next destination if you suffer an accident and your car cannot continue.

How to Lower the Cost of Your AGEAS Car Insurance Policy

  • Drive cautiously: Avoiding fines for speeding and making few claims will help you keep your insurance premiums low.
  • Lock the doors of your car: Your premiums may be reduced if you park your car in a secure driveway or garage.
  • Decreased mileage: Perhaps you recently changed to a job closer to home. If so, inform your insurer. Given that you’ll be traveling less, you can decide to reduce your expenses.
  • Up the Excess: Though it may hurt your pocketbook more in the long run if you have to make a claim, voluntarily accepting a greater excess can lower your rates.
  • Take a smaller vehicle: If you’re considering moving to a new motor, ask your insurance what kind of vehicle you should buy because less powerful automobiles typically cost less to insure.
  • Check out Comprehensive: You might discover Comprehensive to be less expensive because, traditionally, high-risk drivers have opted for lower levels of coverage.

Why Is The Ageas Car Insurance Necessary?

Let’s examine more closely why you require this policy.

  1. Financial Security

When accidents happen, and you are at fault, you might be required to cover the victim’s losses. These expenses be covered by your insurance coverage, protecting your finances.

  1. Safeguards Auto Lenders

If you transport a load in your vehicle, your lender may request your policies to ensure that you have an accident and comprehensive coverage included. With this precaution, they may be sure that if an occurrence occurs, the value of their collateral won’t decrease.

  1. Safeguards your passengers

Your insurance plan will cover the affected passenger’s expenses in case of accidents.

Home Insurance at Ageas Insurance Limited

The Defaqto 5 Star Rating for Ageas house insurance demonstrates that it offers one of the most comprehensive policies.

Defaqto is an impartial provider of financial information that aids in better decision-making for consumers, financial advisers, and institutions.

  • Misplaced or stolen keys: If the replacement and installation expenses exceed £1,500, they’ll make you safe by paying for them.
  • Replacements and fixes: You can unwind knowing that any repairs made by one of our partners have a guarantee of nothing less than 12 months.
  • Paying experts: As long as the damage would have been covered elsewhere in this building’s policy, we’ll pay for any legal costs and any fees for architects and surveyors you’ll incur during the repair or rebuild if your buildings are harmed.

The sort of insurance policy you have will determine what is covered. For example, the two types of home insurance you can obtain in Ageas Insurance Limited are buildings and content insurance.

Buildings insurance pays for repairs up to the cost of completely rebuilding your house for structural damage brought on by insured events. It consists of things like:

  • Roofs and walls
  • Floors
  • Doors and windows
  • Permanent fixtures like kitchens and bathroom suites
  • some exterior buildings, such as garages and sheds.

If the contents of your house are harmed in an insured incident, contents insurance will pay to restore or replace them. Typically, it involves:

  • A soft environment
  • Furniture
  • white products
  • electronic devices
  • Clothes
  • Jewelry (often up to a specific value) and cash.

Most insurers offer coverage for loss or damage brought on by various dangers, including subsidence, theft, vandalism, storm, flood, and fire.

Why You Need Ageas Home Insurance

You invest in home insurance to safeguard your residence and the comforts of your household. Buildings and contents insurance is available, or you can choose a comprehensive package covering both.

If a calamity occurs, you can use the coverage provided by your home insurance to rebuild your house.

Your most precious possession is likely your home, which many of you have saved for years.

Without insurance, it’s unlikely that you could pay to fix damages that might occur in the event of a fire or flood. For this reason, insurance is crucial.

Although the UK is not frequently affected by weather like hurricanes or tornadoes, storms frequently cause havoc in the winter. Natural disasters can destroy your property, and rehabilitation is never simple.

It is crucial to protect your property with buildings and belongings insurance that covers such events, even if these calamities are sometimes neither prevented nor entirely predicted.

Travel Insurance at Ageas Insurance Limited

The Ageas travel insurance products are available to purchase via a broker and assure you that you are insured while you are away, whether you are taking a vacation abroad or traveling on business.

You can include the following:

  • single journeys
  • yearly multiple-trips
  • Business trips
  • Extended stays

Only a broker can purchase travel insurance on your behalf. You’ll get the greatest coverage at a price that works for you because they are the professionals when it comes to your travel requirements.

Why You Need Ageas Travel Insurance

Travel insurance typically covers two components of your trip: Your lodging and unexpected medical costs.

Trip cancellation or trip interruption insurance is not required if all of your reservations may be canceled without incurring a fee. Even so, you might not need insurance if your vacation isn’t entirely refundable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ageas auto insurance have a mobile app?

Yes, Ageas Insurance wants to assist you in getting back on the road safely if you must file a claim as a car accident by resolving your claim as soon as possible. You can quickly submit images of any damage to your automobile using the Ageas Photo Assist app, which can speed up the settlement of your claim* if your car is written off.

What are the Ageas?

It should come as no surprise that Ageas offers insurance to more than 4 million motorists, homeowners, and business owners in the UK, given that we are the sixth-largest home and automobile insurers, respectively. Ageas has earned The Institute of Custom Service Mark for its commitment to superior customer service.

Can I make an online premium payment for Ageas Federal Life Insurance?

Online premium payments for IDBI Federal life insurance are available. Every insurance provider offers a variety of online payment methods, including bill pay, debit or credit cards, and UPI wallets. It is a simple and safe digital platform where you may activate auto debit for renewing premium payments.

Does AIG own Ageas Insurance Limited?

Ageas Protect Limited, which had been a part of the Ageas Group until the AIG Group acquired it on December 31, 2014, has since separated from it. Serving consumers in more than 130 countries, AIG Group is a premier international insurance company.


The Ageas Insurance is one of the leading insurers in the UK. You can try getting their insurance if you reside in the UK, as they provide high-quality insurance options.

Now that you know what Ageas Insurance Limited is all about, why don’t start with them now.

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