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RCI Bank

RCI Bank is a bank that is majorly involved in automotive financing, and it is sometimes referred to as RCI Banque. It is a subsidiary of the Renault Group, one of the biggest automakers in the world. For people and companies in the automobile industry, RCI Bank offers a variety of financial solutions across several nations.

Overview of RCI Bank

RCI Bank has always been known to work hard to offer comprehensive financial solutions that assist their clients when they acquire vehicles.

RCI Bank collaborates with automakers and dealerships in many nations worldwide to offer its financial solutions. The Bank provides services to millions of consumers through a network of subsidiaries and affiliates and is a critical player in easing the purchase and ownership of vehicles.

RCI Bank offers accessible and practical financial solutions to people and businesses in the automotive industry by combining its knowledge in automotive financing with the support of Renault Group.

Financing for vehicles is one of RCI Bank’s primary services. They offer loans and leasing options to both private parties and commercial entities to acquire or lease vehicles, including automobiles, trucks, and motorbikes. With flexible terms and competitive interest rates, these financing options are frequently created to specifically address the customer’s demands.

To improve the ownership experience for the consumer, RCI Bank also provides insurance products, extended warranties, and other value-added services.

To provide a genuine option for UK savers, RCI Bank was established in 2015. It promises exceptional service, transparency, accessible accounts, and the assurance that we always know where our money is.

In the UK savings market, RCI Bank was one of the first financial institutions owned by a Renault Group car manufacturer. Using direct banking, RCI Bank can be reached via email, phone, post, or online.

Their support staff is available in the UK, seven days a week, and their accounts are rewarding and straightforward and provide UK savers with easy, flexible savings. Because of the nature of our business, we contribute to the UK production of Nissan models in the North East of England and only utilize our funds to assist new and used car sales in the UK.

Benefits of RCI Bank

The financial services arm of the Renault Group is RCI Bank, often known as Renault Crédit International. With various banking services and products available, it primarily functions as an online bank. Here are a few possible advantages of RCI Bank:

  • Competitive Interest Rates: RCI Bank frequently provides savings accounts and term deposits with competitive interest rates. This can be very helpful for people who want to increase the growth of their savings and the return on their assets.
  • Ease and Accessibility: RCI Bank offers its customers ease and accessibility as an online bank. It is simpler to manage your finances because you can access your accounts and conduct financial activities from any location with an internet connection.
  • User-Friendly Digital Platform: RCI Bank frequently provides consumers with a user-friendly digital platform that allows them to explore and carry out different banking procedures. This may entail performing transfers, establishing automatic payments, and checking balances, among other things.
  • Security: Online banks like RCI Bank frequently use cutting-edge security measures to safeguard customer information and transactions. Encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication keep your personal and financial information secure.
  • No or Low Fees: RCI Bank may charge only a small fee or none for its banking services. People who want to reduce banking fees and keep more of their money can benefit from this.
  • Flexibility: RCI Bank frequently provides flexible banking alternatives, enabling clients to select the accounts and goods that best meet their requirements. They might give various checking accounts, savings accounts, and other financial services to accommodate multiple preferences.
  • Strong Financial Support: The Renault Group, a global automaker with a solid financial position, is the parent firm of RCI Bank. Due to this association, customers may feel more confident in the Bank’s longevity and stability.

How RCI Bank Account Opening Works

The following actions can be taken to open an account with RCI Bank UK Limited:

1.submit an online form

This can be done by visiting the website www.rcibank.co.uk

2. Gather essential documents like:

  • passport
  • application for address verification

The following documentation is needed to open a personal bank account with RCI Bank UK Limited: application form, address verification, and passport.

RCI Bank UK Limited must follow AML guidelines and complete the KYC process when opening a bank account. The KYC process often entails gathering data about the customer’s identity, residential address, current employment, and income source. The documents utilized and the KYC checks conducted by RCI Bank UK Limited are listed below:

  • Identity Verification Passport or one of the previously mentioned papers
  • Address Proof of address confirmation in any of the documents above
  • Application Form
  • Current Occupation
  • Income Source

RCI Bank Freedom Account

Opening the high-interest Freedom money Account from RCI Bank is a terrific approach to concentrate on your money.

The RCI Freedom Savings account is a terrific way to begin a new savings habit because it offers one of the best rates in the UK, unlimited access, and a seven-day-a-week UK support service.

You have free, unrestricted payments and withdrawals, unlike other savings accounts.

The attractive 1.30% AER (variable) RCI Bank Freedom Savings Account pays no access limitations and offers competitive interest rates. The account now occupies the top spot in the tables of simple access savings.

The Freedom Savings account can be opened with a comparatively small deposit of £100, which contrasts favorably with the £1,000 needed to create certain other savings accounts.

RCI offers, as a minimum:

  • competitive savings rates with simple access
  • No fines, tiers, fees, or notice requirements
  • Deposits range from £100 to $1 million.
  • whether monthly or yearly, interest
  • Simple saver rates
  • Their deposit guarantee policy offers up to €100,000 in deposit protection.

You can manage the Freedom account online and over the phone, unlike many other accounts that can only be ordered online.

However, it’s crucial to realize that RCI bank DOES NOT fall within the UK Financial Services Compensation if you intend to invest a sizable sum of money (about £70,000). Instead, the French Deposit Guarantee Scheme (the FGDR or Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts et de Résolution) will cover your money. Your money is protected by this program up to the sterling equivalent of 100,000 euros.

How To Contact RCI Bank

  • Website: Go to the RCI Bank website specific to your nation. You can find contact details, including phone numbers, email addresses, and online contact forms, under the “Contact Us” or “Customer Service” sections. To contact the Bank, fill out the contact form or call using the numbers above. Website: www.rcibank.co.ukPhone: Visit RCI Bank’s website or other official contact channels to find the company’s customer care or helpline number. Call the number and follow the prompts to speak with a customer service specialist who can help you with your questions or problems. You can reach them on +443456056050
  • Email: Check RCI Bank’s website or official communication channels for the company’s customer service or general inquiries email address. Write a thorough email outlining your question or problem, then send it to the specified email address. To receive a timely answer, include pertinent information, such as your account information. Email is [email protected]
  • Social media: Determine whether RCI Bank has official accounts on sites like Facebook (RCI Bank), Twitter (@RCIBank), or LinkedIn. Customer service departments are joint in businesses and frequently interact with customers on these platforms. They should be able to assist you or point you in the right direction if you send them a direct message or make your question publicly available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a download app for RCI clients?

You can download the RCI Bank App from Google Play and App Store.

You may manage your outstanding savings account on the go with the app’s help. You can make transfers to your linked account, view recent transactions, and check the balances of your savings accounts.  

Are the interest rates at RCI Bank competitive?

RCI Bank strives to offer savings accounts and fixed-term deposits with competitive interest rates. To ensure they match your needs, it is advised to verify their current rates and compare them to those of other banks, as interest rates might change over time.

Can I use RCI Bank’s online services?

Yes, RCI Bank provides online banking services. Customers may access their accounts, make transfers, examine transaction history, and carry out other financial tasks through their website or mobile banking applications.

Are financial regulators in charge of RCI Bank?

RCI Bank is subject to financial regulation in the nations where it conducts business. For instance, the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR), France’s banking and insurance regulatory body, regulates it there.

Where is RCI Bank located?

RCI Bank operates in several nations, including France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and Argentina. France is where the Bank’s main offices are.

How many services does RCI Bank provide?

RCI Bank provides various banking services, such as credit cards, fixed-term deposits, auto loans, insurance, and savings accounts. The Bank mainly concentrates on lending money for and providing financial services for the automotive industry.

With RCI Bank, is it possible to open a savings account?

RCI Bank indeed provides personal savings accounts. These accounts often offer competitive interest rates and can be accessed online or via mobile banking applications.


Renault, Nissan, and Dacia customers are the primary target market for RCI Bank’s car loans and other financial services. It provided a selection of banking services, savings accounts, fixed-term deposits, consumer loans, and insurance.

Customers had easy access to managing their accounts and making transactions through the Bank’s online portal. RCI Bank wanted to provide its clients with reasonable interest rates and a flawless digital banking experience.

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