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Unity Bank

Unity Bank provides a full range of financial services to meet the various demands of its clients. Unity Bank has you covered if you’re looking for personal banking options or a company looking for specialized financial support. The bank offers various services, including treasury management, business accounts, credit cards, mortgage loans, personal accounts, savings and investment choices, and more.

Overview of Unity Bank

The Unity Bank started it barring in the year 1984. Since then, this highly specialized bank has offered goods and services to UK-based trade unions, charities, and not-for-profit organizations; its purview has since been broadened to include “profit with purpose” businesses and its location in Birmingham.

The only source of funding for Unity Bank is the deposits made by its clients, which are subsequently utilized to benefit the communities it serves by funding initiatives and businesses that have significant positive social consequences.

Unity Trust promoted as a moral bank, joined the Banking Standards Board in April 2016. Unity Trust Bank is the first bank to acquire a Fair Tax Mark and a Living Wage accreditation.

Employees are granted five paid days off each year to participate in volunteer initiatives as part of a program introduced in 2009 to honor the company’s 25th anniversary.

Unity obtained banking status in 1987 and became a completely autonomous bank in 2015. Its initial goal was to make it easier for labor unions to use banking services.

What Service Does the Unity Bank Offer?

The only trade union bank in the U.K. is commonly known as the Unity Bank. Customers in the trade union sector have personal relationship managers who can customize services to meet their specific needs.

Customers who need loans are given a personal relationship manager who is responsible for all aspects of their borrowing objectives. The bank focuses on offering loans for projects like property renovation, purchase, or refinancing that will create jobs or have a specific impact on the economy, environment, or society. Customers may also borrow between £150,000 and £10,000,000.

Additionally, Unity Trust Bank provides debt counseling services. Customers with current accounts are not permitted to have a debit card on file with the bank. However, cash can be deposited or withdrawn at NatWest (in England and Wales), Ulster Bank (in Northern Ireland), or RBS (in Scotland) locations.

Another address advantage is that customers can also request Post Office Cash accounts from the bank and apply for a Unity Corporate Multipay Card, which is provided in cooperation with Lloyds Bank and Mastercard.

Why Choose Unity Bank?

  • They provide banking that has a beneficial impact: As a prestigious ethical bank, they lend to organizations so they can develop and benefit their communities. Banking with us is a good idea if you want to improve society while maintaining unwavering integrity and honesty.
  • Unity Bank partners with organizations that offer social impact: Organizations that provide access to all levels of education and career training courses are supported by Unity Trust Bank.
  • Corporations and Organizations: They assist companies and groups in the U.K. dedicated to addressing critical social, economic, or environmental needs.
  • Healthcare: The banking industry experts are familiar with your sector, and they offer financial support to help local communities health and well-being improve.
  • Labor unions are the top bank-serving unions in the U.K., so Unity Bank knows precisely what you need for your business.
  • Charities: Their services are designed to make it simpler for you to bring about positive change.
  • Financial accountability: They are dedicated to facilitating access to adequate and accessible financing through ethical finance providers, assisting businesses in expanding and thriving.
  • Savings accounts for businesses: With our Business Savings Account, you can increase the cash in your company, and we’ll make sure that your deposits are exclusively used to provide reliable Instant Access and Fixed Term alternatives. Other aspects are reinvestment in respectable U.K. initiatives; Online savings account with 24-hour access.
  • Payments: Unity offers a variety of payment methods to make paying and spending more manageable. Some of what they do include taking credit card payments. Business Multipay card, overseas payments, and e-Payments.

Unity Bank Loans

Small banks in the U.K., like Unity Trust Bank, are setting themselves apart by lending exclusively to viable organizations and businesses seeking social, economic, or environmental change as banking clients become increasingly concerned with where their money is spent and how it is used. Customers and investors, according to research, want businesses to take a position on topics like sustainability, transparency, and ethical hiring practices.

The SFRE (Sustainability | Finance | Real Economies) Fund and Unity Trust Bank in the U.K. share the desire to bring about change by supporting the real economy. One of the financial institutions in the SFRE portfolio located in a developed market is Unity Trust Bank.

Unity Trust Bank, established on the tenet of serving the greater good, extends credit to a wide range of clients, including housing and local community organizations, health and social care providers, and religious institutions. All of which aim to contribute to the improvement of society.

With fresh funding from current owners and the investment SFRE obtained, Unity has accomplished an ambitious expansion. The CEO of Unity Trust Bank, Margaret Willis, elaborates on its accomplishments and how it intends to keep emphasizing bringing about long-lasting change.

Why Unity Bank Is Different From Other Financial Institutions In the U.K. Financial Sector

Every action that Unity Bank do is customer-focused. Our argument is firmly based on offering top-notch service. Our customer contact center in the U.K. does not use interactive speech recognition or call routing since we know that our consumers enjoy a personal, human touch, which is reflected in our excellent levels of customer satisfaction.

From a technical standpoint, we are investing in our I.T. architecture to help us scale, offer our clients better capabilities, and improve resiliency.

Account Creation Process at Unity Bank.

Banking with Unity contributes to the improvement of society since their established business bank has a wealth of expertise dealing with organizations like there. Deposits from consumer fund lending that affects social, economic, or environmental development are also essential activities that take place in the bank.

You can take advantage of Unity’s more than 35 years of experience in providing business banking explicitly designed for membership organizations as you also benefit the following by banking with them:

  • Simple Internet Banking with dual and triple payment authorization options to keep you safe
  • Checkbooks, paying-in books, online statements, and a UK-based customer service center where more than 95% of inquiries are answered by the first person you speak to
  • Available multi-pay cards provide you with greater control over cardholder spending.
  • Options for inexpensive e-payments and BACs
  • Pay in cash at more than 11,500 Post Offices, NatWest, RBS, and Ulster Bank locations.

How Can I Get In Touch With Unity Bank?

You can contact Unity Bank by dialing the Call-in number 0345 140 1000. The call center is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. For training purposes, all calls are monitored and recorded. The local rate is applied to all calls.

Contact Information Emails: [email protected]

Postal Code: 7193 Planetary Road, Willenhall, WV 1 9DG Unity Trust Bank

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is Unity Bank?

Unity Bank generally levies very modest fees on its clients compared to the national average. It is an excellent option for anyone seeking a straightforward account because its checking account has no monthly payments. Because there are no out-of-network ATM fees, it is perfect for customers who frequently withdraw money from machines.

How can I deposit funds into a bank’s current or savings account for my business?

Since Unity Trust Bank doesn’t have any high-traffic locations, many of their clients receive cash gifts and membership dues, making it simple for you to deposit cash into your account. You can deposit up to £5,000 in cash daily at any NatWest, RBS, or Ulster Bank location, along with 149 checks on a single paying-in slip.

What details about my organization must I provide for the Unity bank account opening?

You will need to provide your company’s name, address (correspondence and registration addresses, if different), and phone number to open an account with Unity Trust Bank. You must also list the number of volunteers and staff your organization has and any corporation or registered charity numbers. It would help if you also briefly describe the activities your organization undertakes.

How do I use the Unity Bank app to utilize Zelle?

You can access the Zelle feature on the Unity Bank App by first logging into the app, then going to Bill Pay, and choosing ‘Send Money with Zelle’ to get started. You can use Zelle to send and receive money by accepting the terms and conditions, entering your email address or U.S. mobile phone number, getting a one-time verification code, entering it, and then beginning your transaction.


Unity Bank aspires to be a reliable financial partner for individuals and companies with a broad range of services, client-centered philosophy, emphasis on technology, attention to security, and commitment to community involvement. Unity Bank works to offer the knowledge, assistance, and convenience you need to prosper financially, whether you’re looking for personal financial solutions or need specialist banking services.

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