Kennel Club Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

Kennel Club Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

The American Kennel Club is undoubtedly a name you’ve heard of if you’re a proud dog owner. However, did you know that pet owners can get insurance from them?

It is best if you safeguard your pet. You have no clue of what can happen later, which is why the Kennel Club has established two insurance programs specially tailored to address these difficulties because they are aware of them.

Do you care about what the Kennel Club insurance is all about and the programs it offers? Read on!

Overview Of Kennel Club Insurance

The Kennel Club, founded in 1873, is committed to preserving and advancing the health and well-being of all dogs.

They offer a voluntary registry for purebred and mixed-breed dogs and information and guidance on canine health, training, and breeding.

As an authorized representative of Agria Pet Insurance, they provide pet insurance. Since 2009, Agira Pet has operated in the UK and offers insurance for cats, dogs, and bunnies there.

While bringing a new puppy into your home requires a long-term commitment, some pet insurance policies may leave you stuck if your pet suffers from a chronic illness. That is unfair, in our opinion. Unfortunately, the only lifetime coverage offered by The Kennel Club Pet Insurance is due to this.

Knowing that Kennel Club Insurance is available to assist you with the costs of unforeseen diseases or injuries is comforting. Even better, we can work to safeguard you and your new companion not just now but for the rest of their lives.

The Kennel Club, the oldest kennel club in the world, controls various dog-related activities in the United Kingdom. As the “largest organization in the UK dedicated to preserving and advancing the health and welfare of all dogs,” they identify themselves in this way.

Agria International Forsakring AB, which calls itself “one of the world’s leading animal insurers specializing in small animal and equine insurance,” is the company that underwrites the Kennel Club pet insurance plans.

What Does Kennel Club Insurance Do?

The Kennel Club is a group committed to the advancement and care of each distinct breed of dog. It was founded in the 19th century.

This special club strives to improve all canines’ well-being, temperament, and health while establishing a benchmark for canine conduct.

It provides unbiased guidance and evaluates every dog without regard for color, gender, or lineage.

Numerous dog owners have benefited from it throughout the years by learning more about the unique needs of their dogs.

The offer provided by The Kennel Club are also a great place to start for anybody looking to enter their furry buddy in a competition! It is understandable why this great institution has endured for so long; they have solidly established itself as an invaluable source for any dependable animal lover.

What The Kennel Club Insurance Covers

1. Club and Trainer Insurance Through the Kennel Club

The Kennel Club Insurance for Dog Training Instructors is the perfect option if you train dogs one-on-one or in informal groups and do not manage a club or organization.

Standard coverage under the policy includes £2.5 million in vital public liability insurance, giving you peace of mind that you are protected if someone is hurt or property is damaged while attending one of your training sessions or on your property, and you are held responsible.

This cover also contains:

  • Trainer-to-trainer or handler-to-handler liability protects trainees if their dogs harm or injure another trainee while attending your training sessions.
  • The trainer or handler’s personal liability covers any harm or injury to guests at your training sessions.

2. Dog Club & Society Insurance from Kennel Club

This insurance program is an all-inclusive plan created to satisfy not only the need of the organizer or secretary but also those of the Club/Society as a whole, covering all meetings, shows, events, and other activities in which your Club/Society participates.

£3.50 million All Kennel Club registered events must have public liability insurance as a minimum requirement. This insurance covers you if someone is hurt or property is damaged, and it includes the following:

  • Participants, competitors, and their dogs
  • Participants or Committee members
  • Assessors and Stewards
  • personnel acting as event officials or workers

Additionally, this coverage covers member-to-member liability, which allows you to broaden it to cover the personal liability of club/society members, including your committee, officials, and exhibitors, for any injuries they sustain or property they damage while participating in club/society activities.

Why You Should Choose Kennel Club Insurance

The Kennel Club insurance only provide life insurance. Therefore, they will pay for ongoing conditions throughout your pet’s life.

For the duration of your dog’s life, The insurance includes a benefit for vet costs of up to £15,000 that renews annually.

When your dog needs therapy, don’t take a chance at heartbreak or strain your wallet. Instead, invest in The Kennel Club Pet Insurance, and they’ll cover the medical expenses.

In addition, we think you can customize your insurance to your requirements so you don’t pay for coverage you don’t require.

It would help if you considered the Kennel Club Insurance because:

  • They have over 125 years of experience assisting pet owners with animal care.
  • 97% of claims are paid, with the option to pay your vet directly.
  • They are experts in animal welfare and health.
  • In the UK, we’ve covered more than 700,000 canines. They foster ethical breeding practices and animal welfare by personally assisting more than 50,000 breeders and collaborating closely with veterinarians.
  • Nice Points
  • Offer two-lifetime plans with a maximum annual coverage of £15,000.
  • Agria, a company that specializes in pet insurance, underwrites
  • You can pay a higher excess and a portion of the vet bills (contribution payment) for a reduced premium.
  • Benefits for travel, loss, death, and boarding or vacation cancellation are optional.
  • Additional extra coverage for breeding risks is offered.
  • Includes dental insurance that covers both accidents and sickness.
  • For all people who own purebred dogs, the Kennel Club is an excellent resource. Through its demanding requirements for certified breeders, they impart knowledge about responsible ownership and advance ethical breeding methods. Their health testing programs aid in preventing genetic illnesses in our canine companions, while their DNA profile system makes it simpler to find missing or stolen pets.
  • Ultimately, they work to ensure that all dogs have loving homes where they may receive proper upkeep and attention throughout their lives.

Limitations Of Kennel Club Insurance

The limitations of Kennel Club insurance include:

  • It will cover up to 20 hydrotherapy treatments per condition for as long as your pet is covered.
  • You must pay 10% of the vet bills for pets older than five years.

Utilizing The Kennel Club to Locate Trustworthy Breeders

The Kennel Club offers prospective owners access to information on ethical breeders on its website in addition to its “Find A Puppy” service, allowing them to be certain that the person from whom they are purchasing a puppy is aware of the value of providing these animals with love and care throughout their lives.

Before committing to purchase a pet, you can research more about the qualifications and experience of breeders and find links to their social media accounts directly.

Use The Kennel Club’s “Find a Puppy” service immediately, whether you’re searching for a purebred or mongrel puppy or want your pet adoption experience to be stress-free.

The Obstacles Kennel Club Owners Face

Managing the behavior of one’s charges is one of the main difficulties kennel club operators face. It might be challenging to ensure that dogs get enough exercise without causing structural damage to the building because they have a lot of energy!

Dogs left alone for long periods frequently experience anxiety. It takes persistence and compassion to calm fearful creatures.

Kennel groups likewise demand demanding effort from their owners. Of course, nobody enjoys cleaning up after hyperactive pups, but it’s an essential aspect of being a responsible pet owner—particularly while running a business.

Why Having a Kennel Club Is Beneficial

A kennel club can be quite satisfying to run despite all these difficulties. All your labor will be rewarded when you see content puppies playing in your yard or snuggling in their beds.

Furthermore, it might be fascinating to get to know the various visitors that come in to choose their new furry family member. 

Lastly, one of the most satisfying experiences a pet owner can have is providing animals with homes where they are cared for.

Kennel Club Insurance Contact Address

To talk about current insurance, dial 03330 30 83 96.

To reach our claims department, dial 03330 30 83 97.

The Pet Health Helpline is available around the clock for all our insurance. When phoning, please make sure you have your insurance number on hand. Dial 03333 32 19 47 to reach a veterinarian nurse on the Pet Health Helpline.

If you’d rather contact us with the National Relay Service, call 18002 before our full number.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Kennel Club offers it ‘Find A Puppy’ service, which enables consumers to look for pups from reputable breeders all around England as one approach to assist those looking for a puppy.

The club’s rules on breeding procedures, including pre-mating health tests and providing good environments for raising parents and pups, must be carefully followed by club members who have produced the puppies for sale.

This guarantees that all pups obtained through Find A Puppy are happy, healthy, and adorable little bundles of love!

What Is Covered by Kennel Club Insurance?

Numerous services that can assist in lowering the price of owning a pet are covered by kennel club insurance. This covers preventative care, common vet visits, diseases and injuries, and even unexpected vet visits. Additionally, some insurance may pay for complementary therapies like hydrotherapy or acupuncture.

Is the Kennel Club Insurance Expensive?

The price of kennel club insurance varies on the type of plan you take and the coverage level it includes. The majority of layouts, however, may be altered to match your budget and are generally pretty reasonable. Additionally, by enrolling in a yearly plan instead of a month-to-month one, you could save even more money over time.


In conclusion, lifetime coverage with a choice of a £7,500 or £15,000 annual cover maximum is the only policy offered by the Kennel Club, and it is an excellent decision if you think of choosing them.

The Kennel Club Insurance has read the most incredibly positive customer service testimonials.  

The tiny print is generally relatively typical, but you should be aware that, unlike most other policies, you cannot cancel the insurance during the policy year and that you will be asked to offer 10% of the cost of any treatments for dogs who are five years old or older.

Dental coverage for accidents and illnesses is offered, and they will cover up to 50% of prescription drug costs for any illness or injury, up to a maximum of £250.

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