Nationwide Phone Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

Nationwide Phone Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

You have lots of choices when it comes to choosing the finest phone insurance. Get the best policy to fit your device and lifestyle through your network provider or bank, or opt for coverage from an independent insurer like Nationwide Phone Insurance.

We’ve weighed the benefits and drawbacks of Nationwide’s mobile phone insurance, taking a close look at what each of their different policies offers to help you make a more informed choice.

Use the information in this post to check out how Nationwide Phone Insurance works.

Who Is Nationwide?

The Nationwide building society has more than 15 million members, making it the largest in the world. In addition to providing lots of life and house insurance, it provides banking and financial services.

Assurant General Insurance Limited, regulated and licensed by both Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, offers nationwide mobile phone insurance and is under their control.

What Nationwide Phone Insurance Is All About?

Nationwide’s mobile phone insurance is fairly comprehensive; it covers loss and theft coverage as basic features and is offered globally. You only receive four successful claims per year, though.

If you have a FlexPlus account, getting the policy is a no-brainer because the coverage offered should be adequate. In addition, the policy is free with a FlexPlus account.

If you have no account yet and just looking for phone insurance, you may find better coverage elsewhere for less money.

But since the FlexPlus account also offers extra perks like travel insurance and breakdown coverage, you should consider everything it offers and decide whether the $13 monthly cost is reasonable given your circumstances.

How Can I Get Nationwide Phone Insurance?

1. Through House and Content Insurance

When you purchase a house and contents insurance policy with Nationwide, just like with other banks, you can be eligible for mobile phone insurance.

While this is a little indirect, you won’t be insuring your equipment directly, but you can claim if it is destroyed in your home. It can still be useful to save money by eliminating the cost of numerous policies. Providing you’re okay with the drawbacks.

The amount of goods in the home covered by Nationwide’s home and contents insurance, up to £50,000, is more than enough to safeguard your mobile device.

2. Bank Account Cover

Through the FlexPlus current account, you can also easily obtain Nationwide mobile phone insurance. One of the extra benefits of opening this bank account in your name is the worldwide family phone insurance, which covers all of your family’s electronics against loss, theft, and accidental damage up to a maximum of £1,500.

Additionally, this provides coverage for your device’s defense against unauthorized calls (for the first 24 hours) and for any accessories that might be stolen or damaged simultaneously.

Although Nationwide phone insurance is one of the most comprehensive mobile phone insurance packages available as part of the bank account, there are certain limitations.

What The Nationwide Phone Insurance Covers

  • Get protection for a family member’s or your own owed mobile phones up to $2,000 (VAT included).
  • Anywhere in the world, you are covered if your phone is lost, stolen, damaged, or malfunctions.
  • If someone uses your phone without your consent, you can (with some restrictions) claim network charges.
  • If your phone got lost, damaged, or stolen, your accessories are also covered by insurance. Some restrictions hold.
  • Each FlexPlus account is limited to a maximum of four claims in a calendar year.

Who Can Get the Nationwide Phone Insurance Cover?

1. Your Spouse

The account holder lives with this individual at their residential location. Regardless of gender, they should be in a partnership, whether wed or living together.

2. Your Children

Any kid of the account holder dependent on them, whether biological, legally adopted, fostered, or stepchildren. They both need to be covered too:

  • Not married or partnered together in a civil union, and under the age of 19 or 22 if enrolled in full-time education.

Additionally, they must either:

  • Living permanently with you, the account holder, or for the remaining period with their other parent or in a student residence.

Exclusions On Nationwide Phone Insurance

Apply exclusions. Verify the rules. The significant exceptions are listed below.

  • Any instances in which you neglected to care for your phone. For all the details, you must consult the policy document.
  • Any unauthorized network fee is only valid 24 hours after you know the issue.
  • They won’t pay the shipping and packaging fees when sending your phone for repair.

Claiming Procedures in Nationwide Phone Insurance

You must follow these procedures to file a claim for mobile phone insurance with Nationwide:

  • To begin the claim procedure, visit the Nationwide website and log in to your account. If you don’t have an account currently, you can create one. Calling 0800 11 88 55 is another option for making a claim.
  • If you haven’t previously, you must register the phone’s details.
  • It would be best to be as direct as possible about what occurred.
  • You must get a crime reference number from the police to file a theft claim.
  • Uninstall Find My iPhone to complete the claim procedure for a broken or defective iPhone.

What Details Must I Provide in a Claim?

The claim can be initiated with just a few pieces of information. These include your insurance number and basic contact information (if we don’t already have it).

In addition, you must provide us with some details about the incident, including when you first became aware of the problem, the damaged item, and a brief account of what happened. So, to get things started, all we need is this.

The claims team will notify you if any extra information is required during the process, but we may require it.

You need apolice report (in case of theft) or appraisals, purchase receipts, or images of the object (such as if it is damaged), among other documents, could serve as further information.

Online policy management

You can access an online account as a Nationwide client where you may manage your insurance, examine your documentation, and submit a claim.

Nationwide Phone Insurance Contact Address

Calling 0800 11 88 55 will connect you to Nationwide’s customer support department. The phone lines are accessible from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and weekends from 9 am to 6 pm.

The alternate address for correspondence is Lifestyle Services Group Limited, PO Box 98 Blyth NE24 9DL.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is phone insurance?

A specific insurance plan called phone insurance offers complete protection from unanticipated events. Consider it a safety net that guards your phone against ordinary mishaps like cracked screens, spills, liquid submersion, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.

Are phone insurance coverages still necessary if I have homeowners or renters insurance?

A catastrophic loss to your principal house is what the typical homeowners/renters policy is intended to cover. As a result, you make a yearly payment (your premium) to guard against a considerably higher cost (such as replacing your home, all of its outbuildings, and all of your possessions) should something unfortunate happen.

For serious occurrences, this is a great offer. But your homeowner’s insurance price will increase the more minor things you cover.

Phones are not fully covered under homeowner’s insurance coverage regarding how, where, or for how much.

What is the Cost of Nationwide phone Insurance?

A FlexPlus account costs £13 a month and includes free mobile phone insurance from Nationwide. Travel and breakdown coverage is also included in the account.

Does getting mobile phone insurance require having a Nationwide bank account?

Yes. You must open a FlexPlus account with the bank to receive mobile phone insurance coverage from Nationwide.

Is it possible to get insurance for your smartphone?

Mobile device insurance is sometimes known as portable insurance, personal effects insurance, personal goods insurance, or single-item insurance. In general, it protects you from theft or damage inside and outside your home. Certain insurance excludes coverage for mechanical damage or loss.

What time can I make a nationwide phone insurance claim?

Make a telephone insurance claim for a mobile device.

Our business hours are from 8 am- 8 pm every Monday through Friday, and from 9 am to 6 pm every Saturdays and Sundays. Is my bank able to guarantee my phone?

Most banks provide various services like business banking, mortgages, and insurance. Additionally, banks offer mobile insurance to their clients, frequently bundling it with current accounts.


Phone insurance is automatically included when you get a Nationwide FlexPlus account. It is a perk in exchange for the £13 monthly account maintenance charge. 

You also receive travel insurance and breakdown coverage as part of the fee, and you are insured without having to pre-register your devices.

Depending on the supplier, some accounts let you pay a certain amount each month and receive a reduction or refund on a portion of the price.

Your insurance will be terminated if you close your account. You may want to check for other possibilities available in the insurance market if you’re searching for the flexibility of independent insurance that you could cancel at any moment.

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