Puffin Travel Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

Puffin Travel Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

Puffin is one of the many companies offering travel insurance. What does it give, though? This concise, practical guide discusses the details of Puffin travel insurance to assist you in determining whether it is the best for your requirements.

Whether you’re going on a three-day solo trip to Scotland or a six-month family or partner expedition to Antarctica, Puffin Travel Insurance has various travel insurance options to meet your needs.

For individuals, organizations, families, and couples traveling together, as well as people who have pre-existing medical conditions, Puffin offers travel insurance policies.

What You Should Know About Puffin Insurance

Puffin Insurance is a specialized travel insurance provider that was established in 2015.

The company’s guiding principle is straightforward: Puffin works to give clients insurance products that are affordable and easy to purchase via an easy-to-use website. Puffin is renowned for providing excellent customer care to assist you should you need to submit a claim.

Family, couple, group, and individual travelers between 18 and 74 are targeted by Puffin’s plans, which AXA underwrites. Many of these travelers have pre-existing medical issues.

The company’s call centers are in the UK, and its main office is in Cardiff.

How Puffin Insurance Works

  • Both single-trip and annual multi-trip coverage are available with Puffin travel insurance. You can select the insurance plan that best fits your needs based on whether you’re taking your annual vacation or you travel frequently. As the name implies, this Puffin Travel Insurance Travel policy will cover just one holiday, which is the best if you’re looking to travel once or twice a year.
  • The annual multi-trip coverage covers you for the entire year, regardless of how many vacations you take. Due to its excellent value, this cover may be the best if you plan multiple excursions shortly.
  • The annual multi-trip and single-trip policies from Puffin offer three distinct levels of coverage. Puffin offers three different levels of travel insurance: silver, gold, and platinum. Silver is the company’s entry-level option.

Whichever you decide on, you will always be able to take charge of a wide range of protection. These include travel disruption, delayed departures, missed flights, medical costs, lost or stolen bags, personal injury, personal money, and personal liability.

What Extras Are Available with Puffin Travel Insurance?

Puffin travel insurance offers some helpful add-on options in addition to the more “standard” levels of protection. Puffin can provide additional covers if you require them for the following:

  • Winter sports: This policy provides coverage for any skis you use while on vacation, whether yours or leased. Puffin’s winter sports insurance can pay up to £500 if your gear is misplaced, stolen, or harmed.
  • Adventure sports – If you intend to partake in certain risky activities while on vacation, such as bodyboarding and surfing, this might be the correct coverage. You may also add more specific activity packs to your Puffin travel insurance to cover difficult sports and activities.
  • Gadget cover – You can use this choice to safeguard your laptops, tablets, and cell phones. It will pay to restore or replace them if they are unintentionally taken, misplaced, or harmed while you are away. All Puffin policy levels come bundled with up to £1,000 in device coverage.
  • The Puffin Travel Insurance safeguards you if you consider booking a cruise vacation. It will offer protection if ports are skipped due to poor weather, if you are confined to your stateroom due to illness, and for any excursion that is not taken.

Why You Should Consider Puffin Insurance

Puffin offers Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers of travel insurance. As an example, its Platinum insurance is the most extensive, offering up to £5,000 in protection for canceled vacations.

A Gold policy costs £3,000, and a Silver policy costs £1,000 (UK). However, all policy levels provide medical bills and repatriation coverage up to £10 million.

The regular travel insurance from Puffin includes 100 popular vacation activities like water skiing and surfing. Adventurers who want to participate in higher-risk activities like bungee jumping, kiteboarding, and abseiling can add on an “activity pack” for a fee.

Skiing and snowboarding must be treated independently, as must other winter sports.

What is Covered by Puffin Travel insurance?

Whether you’re traveling for three days by yourself in Scotland or six months with your partner or entire family in Antarctica, Puffin travel insurance offers a variety of travel insurance coverage options to meet your needs.

Individuals, organizations, families, couples, and those traveling with pre-existing medical issues can all get travel insurance with Puffin.

Eligibility For Puffin Travel Insurance

To be qualified for a Puffin travel insurance policy:

  • You must be a UK or Channel Islands citizen, or a BFPO is required.
  • The journey must have yet to begin.
  • Travel must occur within a year of insurance purchase.
  • To prevent an accident, injury, damage, or property loss, you must exercise caution and take all reasonable precautions for your well-being.
  • Any minor traveling alone must be accompanied by an insured adult as specified in the policy schedule.
  • If you purchase an annual multi-trip coverage, you can only travel for up to 45 days per trip.
  • Traveling against the advice of a Medical Doctor or another medical expert, such as a dentist, is not permitted.
  • You should be aware that travel coverage is not a standard feature.
  • You must be planning to reside back in the UK after traveling.
  • You must not be planning your vacation intending to seek medical help or know that you’ll require care while traveling.

How To Request a Puffin Travel Insurance Quote

Nothing is simpler. Without providing personal information, all you should do is to compare all products with their 100% online travel insurance comparison tool in seconds. If Puffin is the best choice, click “get a quote” to be routed to the company’s sales channel.

Puffin Insurance Contact Info

You can contact Puffin’s customer service team by phone at 0333 772 0346 or email at [email protected] if you want to purchase or modify a travel insurance policy. At Puffininsurance.com, policies can also be purchased online.

If you need to claim any portion of your policy, excluding the Gadget Extension or Scheduled Airline Failure provisions, you should phone 0333 999 7932. You can also make your claim online. Alternatively, you can call the insurance at 02038 599 317.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many trips am I allowed to take with an annual policy?

As long as your trips don’t exceed the policy’s maximum trip duration, you can travel as frequently and as often as you choose.

If my family member gets sick, am I still covered for cancellation?

If any of your family members become ill due to an unanticipated or new medical condition, you will be protected from having your insurance coverage canceled.

You will be covered if a family member is one of the travelers covered by the policy and the medical condition has been authorized (with the appropriate additional premium paid). You won’t be covered if a family member who isn’t traveling gets sick because of a pre-existing medical condition.

What should I do if my paperwork needs to be more accurate?

Contact the customer service team at 0333 772 0346 or [email protected] if you need help finding any errors in your documentation. A helpful coworker will be able to repair any errors on your insurance documents and provide you with a new copy right away.

Can I decide not to follow the Puffin Travel Insurance policy?

To do this, you have fourteen days to cancel your order and receive a full refund. This assumes you have yet to travel, make a claim, or plan to claim under the policy. For further information and cancellation restrictions outside of 14 days, consult the policy materials.

What should I do if a new medical ailment is discovered in me?

You must check with your medical doctor to see if you are still fit to travel if you receive a new medical diagnosis. Your insurance will be void if you travel against your doctor’s recommendation.

Can I travel as an expecting mother?

Yes, the Puffin Travel insurance plans cover unexpected medical bills for pregnancy-related issues. There is no insurance or provision for cancellation owing to a typical pregnancy.

How can I file a claim with Puffin?

If you have traveled, want to file a claim, and need to cancel your coverage, email the customer support team your policy number and the relevant information. Alternatively, you can confirm the specifics of your policy and permit cancellation using the email generator included at this site, Travel Policy Cancellation.


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has regulated and authorized Puffin Group UK Ltd, which does business as Puffin Insurance.

Their primary insurance coverages are Single and Annual Multi Trip Policies and they also offer other extra covers like Wedding Cover, Cruise Cover, Golf Cover, etc. On Trust Pilot they have a 4.6/5 rating and a good customer satisfaction rate. Defaqto has not given them a rating, which is unfortunate.

Since they do not provide Backpackers or Long Stay Travel Insurance coverage, we advise Puffin Travel Insurance to anyone searching for a straightforward Single or Annual Multi Trip Policy.

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