1st Central Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

1st Central Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

Since its founding in 2008, 1st Central Insurance has issued more than 2 million policies and has developed significantly. They provide various automobile insurance options, and the rating firm Defaqto has given them a 5-star rating as an insurance provider. In the insurance sector, 1st Central is quickly gaining recognition.

Do you want to have a better understanding of what the 1st Central Insurance represent? Don’t stop reading!

1st Central Insurance

The 1st Central Insurance is commonly practiced as First Central Management insurance business, and the company provides services ranging from business, accident, legal matters, rental cars, excess protection, and breakdown coverage.

In summary, we can say that First Central Insurance Management Limited, a company that is authorized and subject to the direction of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), conducts business under the name “1st Central.”

The 1st central insurance company is located in the United Kingdom and has been found to provide different insurance services to customers.

Providing only auto insurance, 1st Central is a subsidiary of First Central Group. The insurer serves over one million clients, and its personnel are spread out across four locations: Guernsey, Gibraltar, Sussex, and Manchester.

Why Get the 1st Central Insurance?

  • The first central car insurance is Defaqto 5-Star rated: The car insurance, for example, offers exceptional protection and a wide selection of features and advantages, such as a courtesy car, £1500 in essential coverage, and 90 days of free driving throughout Europe.
  • They offer affordable prices: The 1st major insurance pricing team has some extremely sharp individuals (as well as some clever technologies) keeping an eye on the market to ensure they’re always providing the best price. They also take fraud very seriously, which helps them keep the premiums cheap.
  • They don’t only talk: The 1st Central Insurance will take care of you if you file a claim. A Personal Claims Advisor will be assigned to you, and you’ll receive free pickup and delivery of your car, a 5-year warranty on all repairs, wherever possible, mobile repairs and estimates, and like-for-like vehicle replacement.
  • They are good folks: The 1st central helpful call center offers support for all of this. Their claims line is available every day of the year, round the clock, and our call center is accessible during reasonable hours, including weekends.

What 1st Central Insurance Cover

With five distinct policy types, 1st Central offers comprehensive and third-party fire and theft auto insurance: 1st Central Value,1st Central, 1st Central Legal, 1st Central Plus, and 1st Central Premier.

Even though 1st Central Value is not accessible for third-party, fire, and theft protection, each insurance type offers a variety of add-ons and perks.

All comprehensive auto insurance plans cover accidental damage, driving abroad, keys, and courtesy cars. If not included, programs can also be upgraded to include RAC breakdown coverage, legal defense costs, and hire car coverage for an extra fee.

Customers who purchase multi-car insurance policies receive a £50 discount on each additional vehicle they cover with the supplier.

The Legal, Plus, and Premier insurance from 1st Central are rated five stars by Defaqto.

1st Central Policy Cover to Drive Other Cars

Most of the time, if you are 25 or older, the 1st Insurance will cover you to drive other automobiles. However, this rule has some exclusions, such as certain jobs.

You must double-check your Certificate of Motor Insurance before assuming you are covered. You’ll receive this by email when you purchase Insurance from 1st Central, and it’s also accessible from within Your Account. It will be indicated in Section 5 of your Certificate of Motor Insurance if you have coverage for operating other vehicles. In this case, 1ST CENTRAL will provide Third Party Only Coverage for any accidents involving the car while you are using it.

This excludes any damage to the vehicle you’re driving, but it does cover any sums you are required by law to pay if someone else is hurt, killed, or has their property harmed.

Before you purchase, we’ll let you know during the estimate process if driving other cars is covered.

For this coverage to be applicable, the following prerequisites must be satisfied:

  • You need to ask the car owner for permission in advance.
  • Your car is still in your ownership, is still insured, and hasn’t been stolen or damaged beyond cheap repair.
  • The other vehicle is not yours and is covered by a different insurance policy for it to be driven on a public roadway (and is not provided to you as a rental vehicle or under a lease or hire purchase agreement)
  • No Certificate of Motor Insurance lists you as the driver of the other vehicle.
  • If the vehicle has been seized by, or on behalf of, any governmental body or other public authority, you are not using this protection to remove the car.

Comparing 1st Central Insurance

When comparing coverage, there are several additional aspects you should take note of in addition to finding affordable car insurance. Choosing the lowest auto insurance coverage will provide a different degree of protection and may put you in danger of being underinsured.

It’s critical to review each policy’s level of coverage to see what is covered as standard coverage and what you might have to pay extra for. To ensure you get the greatest value, try running numerous bids and selecting various add-ons to see how it changes the pricing.

In the long term, selecting a more expensive coverage that includes everything you require if you ever need to file a claim will benefit your wallet.

1st Central Insurance Reviews

For their auto insurance offerings, 1st Central was given a 5-star rating by Defaqto, an impartial financial evaluation firm.

On Feefo, a reputable review website, most consumer feedback reviews are favorable as of the time of writing.

With the top Defaqto rating in 2018 and a significant amount of favorable online customer reviews, it is obvious that 1st Central Insurance is making the best selections for its clients.

Optional Extras at 1st Central Insurance

Personal accident insurance is a supplemental service provided by 1st Central Insurance. Compared to a typical comprehensive policy, this raises the amount paid for medical bills to about five times greater.

Another option from 1st Central is to hire car insurance, which offers free use of a car for up to twenty-eight days if your vehicle is written off or stolen but unable to be found.

You’ll have to pay an excess if you need to claim under your comprehensive 1st Central Insurance policy. However, as an extra, the company also offers excess protection coverage. If you cause the accident, you will then claim a refund.

1st Central Insurance Contact Info

Customers with questions about auto insurance should call 1st Central between 8 am and 8 pm, Monday to Friday by 9 am and 5 pm, and 10 am and 2 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Customers may also use the website’s live chat tool as an alternative.

Existing clients can use the MyAccount portion of the website to examine and modify their information and manage their policies.

As an alternative, 1st Central can be found on Facebook and Twitter under the handle @1stCentral.

At the following address, you may send correspondence to 1st Central Insurance:

  • Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3TP, First Central Insurance Management Central House, 25-27 Perrymount Road


  • Dial 0333 043 2044 to reach 1st Central Insurance.

You can also send an email to 1st Central Insurance at [email protected]

You can also reach the website address at https://www.1stcentralinsurance.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the 1st Central car insurance provide towing coverage?

No, the comprehensive policy from 1ST CENTRAL only covers the insured car. While the trailer being towed by your vehicle may cause damage or injury, your Insurance does not cover it.

What does the 1st Central Insurance Uninsured Driver Promise entail?

When an uninsured motorist is at fault in an accident that wasn’t their fault, the No Claims Discount won’t be affected, and the policy excess will be refunded.

All you have should do is to tender the following:

  • Model and registration number of the car driven by the uninsured driver that caused the damage
  • Their name and location
  • You should know ahead that you may have to pay your excess and temporarily forfeit your No Claims Discount we are convinced that the collision wasn’t your fault and the other driver was driving without Insurance.

What happens if I want to revoke my Insurance?

You can easily cancel your 1st Central insurance policy by contacting them directly. You do not need to give them advance notice, but you will probably be charged a cancellation fee.

You will only be charged if you cancel the 1st Central insurance coverage before the start date or within the first fourteen days of its creation. However, you will still be required to pay a prorated sum based on the number of days you have had Insurance.

After the 14-day cooling-off period, you must pay a cancellation fee of about £50.


You will be satisfied if you request a quotation for any Insurance, car, or property insurance from 1st Central. 1st CENTRAL offers affordable vehicle insurance for novice and seasoned drivers with a high caliber of customer service because they are professionals in UK motor insurance.

The 1st Central Insurance also has helpful support staff to assist you with your car insurance quote. They can add optional extras to your low-cost auto insurance plan, including Personal Cover, Personal Accident Cover, Hire Car, Excess Protect, and RAC Breakdown Cover.

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