NFU Car Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

NFU Car Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

NFU Car Insurance is also known as NFU Mutual, one of the leading car insurance companies in the United Kingdom.

If you are willing to understand the features of NFU Car Insurance, what it covers, and the exclusions to NFU Car Insurance, then this article is a must-read for you.

Features of NFU Car Insurance

Some of the features that make the NFU car insurance stand out include:

  • Unlimited coverage for child car seats and lost keys
  • No cancellation or amendment fees
  • Top customer service
  • It received very good marks for customer satisfaction and trust and handled complaints with the best results.

Additionally, NFU was a notable winner in client loyalty, probably partly because of their mutual loyalty incentive, which offers customers a 10% (or higher) premium refund if they renew their policy.

Our product ratings give its cover four stars. However, it barely falls short of receiving a perfect score because it offers no protection if you misplace your car keys and don’t pay for storage while your car is serviced in a garage.

Additionally, it includes:

  • No excess if your windscreen needs to be repaired, saving you from paying a portion of the bill for a chip.
  • Rooftop protection
  • unrestricted foreign usage insurance, and
  • A lifetime warranty on repairs.
  • There is no fee for cancellation, in contrast to the bulk of auto insurance policies.
  • Misfueling is covered, and NFU Mutual provides up to £750 for additional equipment and unlimited coverage for any installed in-car audio, TV, telephone, or navigation systems.

How Reliable is the NFU Car Insurance Plan?

NFU Mutual is an affiliate of Which? Recommended Provider of auto insurance, with a policy rating of 76%, ranking third out of the 55 policies we examined this year.

No admin fees exist, and monthly payments are permitted without incurring interest. The usual inclusion is legal motor protection.

While some insurers offer more as an optional addition, it also offers the greatest level of personal accident coverage (£15,000) that is included as standard in our research.

Unfortunately, the NFU Mutual policy does not cover lost keys, the no-claims discount protection only covers two claims every five years, and the total loss courtesy vehicle duration is 14 days.

Who Underwrites the NFU Car insurance underwritten by NFU Mutual?

NFU Mutual Services underwrites NFU Mutual’s auto insurance contracts.

The Prudential Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority regulate NFU Mutual and have authorized it.

What Levels of Coverage Does NFU Car Insurance Offer?

You have a choice between a comprehensive policy, third-party cover, or third-party fire and theft protection, according to NFU Mutual.

In any accident, a third-party policy will pay for losses to others. Third-party liability auto insurance is a legal requirement for all drivers.

In addition to providing you the same coverage as basic third-party-only insurance, third-party fire, and theft cover safeguards you against financial loss if your car is stolen or damaged by fire.

The highest level of protection is comprehensive. This includes damage to your car, whether you were at blame for the collision, and any people (third parties) engaged in it.

It’s crucial to remember that various insurers include various perks as part of their coverage and that not all comprehensive car insurance policies are created equal.

If your automobile is an old beater, you might choose third-party insurance, the least expensive and basic choice.

Although this is frequently the least expensive option for some people, it is always worthwhile to compare prices for comprehensive, third-party, fire, and theft insurance.

The NFU Car Insurance covers the following:

  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Broken windscreens and windows
  • Fire and theft
  • Personal injury insurance,
  • personal items,
  • Third-party liabilities
  • using the vehicle overseas
  • Permanently installed audio equipment and more.

Ensure your insurance covers everything you need by carefully reading the agreement.

What You Need To Obtain the NFU Car Insurance

At the very least, a provisional driving license is required to obtain a vehicle insurance quote. In addition, the registration number of the vehicle or vehicles you wish to insure must also be known.

Whether or not you have already purchased the vehicle, we can still provide you with a price. Additionally, we’ll need to know if the car has had any changes.

We’ll also need to know where you want to store the car overnight and how you plan to use it, such as for commuting or business, to assist us in giving you a price as soon as possible.

Having your policy papers on hand may be beneficial when you go through a quote with us if you currently have auto insurance via another carrier.

Exclusions To NFU Car Insurance

Unlike all other insurers, NFU Mutual has a list of grounds for rejecting claims. The following situations do not qualify for coverage:

  • If you use your car for any activities that aren’t permitted by your motor insurance certificate.
  • If wear-and-tear damage is the cause.
  • If the compartment or boot is not locked and personal items are kept there.
  • The exclusions are detailed in your insurance policy, along with an explanation.

How to Reduce the Cost of Your NFU Car Insurance Policy

  • Drive safely: Insurers will increase your premiums if you accumulate a history of speeding fines and frequently file claims.
  • Keep your vehicle securely locked up. Your insurance premiums will decrease if you park your car in the garage or a well-lit driveway.
  • Reduced mileage. Inform your insurer if you plan to retire or if you relocated for a job that is closer to home. Then, it might choose to reduce your premiums.
  • Put on the extra. Lowering your excess will lower your premiums, but if you want to carry out a claim, it can result in greater long-term costs.
  • Pick a compact vehicle. Generally, driving a smaller, less powerful vehicle will result in lower insurance prices.
  • Complete the check. Because higher-risk clients typically choose third-party transactions, an insurer may charge you less for comprehensive. Thus request quotes for complete coverage as well.

How NFU Evaluate Their Car Insurance Policy

We evaluate and score 78 important components of auto insurance policies to get the overall policy score.

We begin by assigning a score of five out of five to each product component, indicating how competitive each supplier is in this area compared to other insurers.

To improve or lessen their impact on the total product score, we weigh various areas of coverage based on how significant we determine certain policy components for drivers when selecting and using car insurance.

NFU Car Insurance Contact Info

The NFU’s member-only hotline, NFU CallFirst, is open during the following hours:

  • 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. From Monday through Friday (except holidays)
  • Contact our friendly team anytime for first-rate assistance and direction to support your farming enterprise.
  • Call NFU CallFirst at 0370 845 8458 to dialogue with a team member, or fill out the form below today.
  • NFU CallFirst is situated at NFU HQ in Stoneleigh and only has specialized advisors on staff.
  • A staff member addresses Every call immediately; there are no automated, pre-recorded responses or call centers in other countries. In addition, experts in their respective fields are consulted regarding specific legal or technical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cancel my NFU Car insurance?

You can revoke your NFU auto insurance contract by contacting the business by phone or by letter. You will receive a pro-rata refund for the portion of your coverage you haven’t used.

What is breakdown coverage for NFU Car Insurance?

All NFU car insurance plans come equipped with RAC Mutual Assist Breakdown coverage.

Unfortunately, it only provides coverage for breaks within a quarter-mile of your home. However, if you’re farther away, it will offer emergency roadside help, a tow to a garage, and a rental car for up to 48 hours if your vehicle can’t be fixed that day.

Does NFU offer car insurance to young drivers?

Drivers who are children of current NFU Mutual customers and are at least 17 years old are eligible for auto insurance, pending acceptance.

The Young Driver’s Scheme was created to help drivers aged 17- 21 who need insurance pay less.

The Young Driver’s Scheme is a three-year program that combines in-person and online instruction.

Upon completion, drivers will receive two additional years of No Claims Discount insurance—one when they first enroll in the program and the other when it is complete.

What factors determine the cost of my car insurance?

Car insurance rates vary annually across the industry for a variety of reasons. Some variables cause premiums to rise, while others help reduce the quoted price.

Every year at renewal, we recalculate your specific auto insurance prices and consider several different criteria.

They are all combined to create the price a customer pays. These considerations include age, place of residence, and history of claims.

Other elements, such as national averages for vehicle theft and false claims, as well as tax changes, are brought on by outside influences and impact everyone’s cost of auto insurance.

How can I submit an auto insurance claim?

By dialing 0808 189 3572, you can submit a claim under your Car Insurance policy with us. 

How should I respond if I am in a car accident?

Following the rules is important if you are in an automobile accident. However, it would be wonderful if you stopped checking on injured people, damaged vehicles, and other property.

Anyone with a valid reason to ask for them should receive the name, address, and insurance information of you or the owner of the car.

You should report the collision to the authorities within 24 hours if anyone was hurt or you could not exchange information at the site.


Now that you know what the NFU car insurance is. Why don’t you get started by choosing them now?

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