Close Brothers Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

Close Brothers Insurance Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

If you need a reliable insurance company to insure your life, property, or business, you must stop racking your brain because Close Brothers are second to none.

Their all-inclusive asset protection policies include coverage for your financial arrangements and your priceless vehicles and machinery, giving you extra assurance so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Close Brothers Insurance

With the Close Brothers Insurance Asset Protect policy, it’s simple to safeguard your current and future asset investments. Subject to certain excluded (terms and conditions; exclusions and limitations may apply), our asset protection policy, offered by AWP Assistance UK Ltd, covers the monetary deficit within the belongings or vehicle’s initial insurance settlement figure and the greater of the sum that you originally paid for the asset or the balance outstanding needed to settle your finance agreement.

An important UK merchant banking organization that offers loans, deposit taking, wealth management services, and securities trading is Close Brothers Organization plc, of which Close Brothers Business Finance is a component. Close Brothers, a company with approximately 3,500 employees primarily in the UK, is a member of the FTSE 250 and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

To help clients expand, upgrade their infrastructure, and make investments, Close Brothers Business Finance offers a variety of flexible funding solutions to UK SMEs. The company specializes in lending to SMEs through a network of finance brokers offering hire purchase, lease, and refinance solutions for various assets and industries.

Everything You Need to Know About Close Brothers Insurance

We all confront a variety of intricate hazards in life, including the possibility of acute disease, an accident, or even passing away. 

In the event of an unexpected incident, will your family be able to handle the economic effects? These are difficult questions to answer, but it’s necessary to think about what would happen in the happening of an accident or unforeseen circumstance, as well as how you may shield your family from the financial repercussions of sickness or demise.

Key steps in the protection planning process include deciding on your priorities and knowing your possibilities. This makes it easier to guarantee that you have the financial security most suited to your needs.

Types Of Close Brother Insurance

The following are some typical types of protection you might want to think about:

1. Life insurance

The term “life insurance” refers to various forms of protection that provide cash to your loved ones during your passing.

Period insurance, paid out if the life assured passes away during the policy’s stated period, is a common insurance product. If you pass away within a certain window, it pays out a lump payment. It can be a huge assistance for families going through what will undoubtedly be a trying period.

The whole life insurance is suitable for life insurance coverage that will pay out on death at any moment. Instead of a predetermined period, it will offer the necessary protection once purchased (assuming premiums are maintained). In addition, this kind of protection can cover Inheritance Tax liabilities.

The basic concept of term assurance has a modification that is frequently worthwhile to explore because it might lower the cost of insurance. For example, a family Income Benefit is a policy that offers regular capital payments upon the death of the patriarch – life assured – but has a sum promised that consistently decreases over time.

2. Income Security Coverage

For many people, it’s a significant concern that they might not have appropriate coverage if they become sick. However, after an agreed-upon waiting time, this insurance pays out if you become too sick to work by deducting a portion of your income.

3. Cover for Serious Illnesses

Critical illness cover policies frequently offer a lump payment if you are given a serious sickness diagnosis. The money promised under a term assurance or other life assurance policies is provided for accelerated payment. However, critical sickness insurance can also be purchased separately. Critical sickness insurance can be a valuable addition when taken up in conjunction with a mortgage. If the life assured experiences major health problems, a hefty financial obligation may be eliminated in these situations.

4. Business Insurance

Protecting yourself and your company from typical hazards will help ensure the success of your enterprise. The shares of any co-founder who passed away or became ill with you would immediately go to their heirs, giving them substantial control over the company. 

Purchasing company insurance lets you think about potential outcomes and reduce unforeseen risks. The choices available should be carefully addressed with the pertinent stakeholders because protection planning for your business is just as vital as for your personal life.

5. Close Brothers Car Insurance

Suppose you want to finance new and used automobiles, light commercial vehicles (LCVs), motorbikes, and recreational vehicles like caravans and motorhomes. In that case, Close Brothers Motor Finance works with over 8,000 dealer and broker partners throughout the UK and Ireland.

  • Car Financing
  • Finance for vehicles
  • Auto insurance
  • To the invoice GAP Coverage

Benefits Of Close Brothers Insurance

The benefits of Close Brothers Insurance:

  • How to use protection planning to safeguard your family, your business, and your income is something that Close Brothers can advise you on. We can ensure your safety from the unforeseen and provide you peace of mind.
  • By working with close brothers, you gain the following:
  • An advisor connection that is devoted, lasting, and trustworthy.
  • Support from a group of in-house professionals for any sophisticated financial planning requirements and tax-efficient and specialized investments.
  • An expert team of investment professionals to meet any investment needs outlined in your financial plan.
  • The ability to consistently exceed clients’ expectations.
  • Having confidence thanks to external validation of our work.

Additionally, as a client, you may rely on the following:

  • A service created to help you feel confident and clear about your financial future.
  • It promises to prioritize your requirements and interests while offering a completely individualized service.
  • The calmness that results from comprehension and feeling understood.
  • Exceptional client service is the focus of substantial administrative assistance.

Finance Offered by Close Brothers

Close Brothers offer financial assistance and consulting to individuals and small businesses in the UK. They are devoted to assisting clients in making wise financial decisions.


They assist companies of all sizes in gaining access to flexible financing so they may finance expansion, upgrade their facilities, or purchase new assets. Additionally, they 

assist companies in setting up and running financial systems for their clients.


When it comes to retirement planning and safeguarding the future of a family or business, Close Brothers provides financial advice and investment management to people with money to invest.

Additionally, they provide various savings solutions that can help customers manage their money safely and collaborate with outside brokers to assist people in spreading out their yearly insurance premium payments. Additionally, they provide financial assistance to people looking to buy a car, motorcycle, light commercial vehicle, or a company.


Through Close Brothers, many businesses collaborate with several intermediaries to support them in offering their clients a wide gap of goods and services like loans, investment advice, assistance setting pension plans, and helping clients spread their insurance premium payments.

Close Brothers Contact Information

Doncaster, South Yorkshire, is home to the Close Brothers corporate headquarters. You can send Close Brothers Insurance a letter at the address below if you would like to reach us there:

Motor Finance Close Brothers

Doncaster, DN4 5EZ Roman House, Roman Road

Telephone: 0333 321 6060

[email protected] is the email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a close brother a bank?

With a distinct, ethical business model and a long-term outlook, Close Brothers have a well-established reputation as a responsible bank. They put a lot of energy into offering simple goods and services in markets we are familiar with while still providing our customers with quality and dependability.

Will my insurance policy cover any or all of my employees who work remotely due to recent government guidance?

They will be protected if you presently have employer’s liability insurance for your company and choose to extend it to them while working remotely during this time.

Who governs the close brothers Insurance?

The Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority regulate Close Brothers Limited (firm reference number 124750), which the Prudential Regulation Authority authorizes.

With whom do close brothers collaborate?

Light commercial vehicles (LCVs), motorbikes, and recreational vehicles like caravans and motorhomes can all be financed by Close Brothers Motor Finance, which has over 8,000 dealer and broker partners throughout the UK and Ireland.

Close Brothers are owned by whom?

As recorded on the London Stock Exchange, Close Brothers Firm plc, a prominent specialized financial services firm that makes loans, accepts deposits, trades securities, and offers advice and investment management solutions to various clients, is the sole owner of Close Brothers Limited.

Can I pay back the loan whenever I want? 

Yes. You won’t be penalized if you complete a sale early or decide to refinance your loan because we don’t charge early repayment costs.

What number of customers does Close Brothers have?

It serves about 260,000 clients in the UK and Ireland through a network of about 6,000 independent auto dealers.


Discussed above are the different types of insurance Close Brothers offer, their contact address, and even the benefits of getting insured by Close Brothers.

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