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Atom Bank

In the UK, Atom Bank is a digital bank that only does business online and through its mobile app. It provides personal and commercial banking services while utilizing technology and data analytics to make banking simple and secure.

Atom Bank has also always aspired to give cutting-edge financial solutions by fusing the simplicity of mobile banking with advanced technology. Do you care to know more about what Atom Bank offers and how you can contact them? Keep reading!

Atom Bank

Anthony Thomson, a partner in the creation of Metro Bank, created Atom in July 2013, and Mark Mullen, a former First Direct CEO.

The British Atom Bank was founded in 2014 and only accepts digital payments. Without any real branch locations, it runs purely online. Atom Bank wants to give its clients a convenient and cutting-edge banking experience through its mobile app and website.

The company first made its services available to customers who had previously expressed interest and had been granted a registration code in April 2016, when its regulatory authorization constraints had been eliminated. It began operating more widely in October 2016 and now provides secured loans for small businesses, mortgages, and savings accounts.

Atom Bank Key Features and Services

  • Mobile banking: Atom Bank’s primary area of focus is mobile banking, which provides an easy-to-use app for iOS and Android devices. Customers may manage transactions, make payments, check their accounts, and carry out other banking tasks through the app.
  • Savings accounts: Atom Bank offers a variety of reports with attractive interest rates. The mobile app is practical and accessible because it allows customers to open and manage their savings accounts entirely through it.
  • Mortgage: Residential mortgages are available from Atom Bank, and consumers can apply for and manage their mortgages online. The bank attempts to simplify the mortgage application process and offers its clients affordable rates.
  • Business loans: Atom Bank offers small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) lending services. To meet the financial requirements of enterprises, it provides overdraft facilities and business loans.
  • Customer Support: Atom Bank provides various customer support options, including live chat, email, and phone. Customers can contact the bank’s support staff to find answers to their questions.
  • Security: Atom Bank places a high priority on security measures to safeguard customer information and transactions. To protect the security of consumer information, it uses cutting-edge encryption and authentication procedures.
  • Atom Bank has forged strategic alliances and alliances to broaden its reach and improve its offerings. For instance, it collaborates with several fintech firms to include cutting-edge features and technologies in its mobile banking app.
  • Regulations: Atom Bank is governed and authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom. To protect customers and maintain compliance with banking regulations, it abides by regulatory norms and requirements.

Overall, Atom Bank is a digital bank that provides its clients with convenient and cutting-edge banking services. It strives to deliver a smooth banking experience and meet the changing demands of people and businesses in the digital era by utilizing mobile technology.

Why Choose Atom Bank?

There are numerous justifications for selecting Atom Bank. These are some crucial reasons:

  • Atom Bank is a digital bank that primarily uses the Internet and mobile platforms to conduct business. Customers who want to manage their banking needs digitally can use this convenience and accessibility. Instant balance updates, 24/7 account access, and user-friendly interfaces are just a few features available on Atom Bank’s mobile banking app and online banking platform.
  • Atom Bank takes pride in utilizing cutting-edge technology to improve the banking experience. The bank uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to give clients individualized insights and recommendations. Atom Bank has also adopted biometric authentication techniques like voice and facial recognition for safe and convenient account access.
  • Atom Bank provides a variety of financial services, such as savings accounts, mortgages, and business loans. It also offers competitive goods and rates. They try to provide competitive interest rates and enticing terms to draw customers. Whether a person wants to save money for the future or purchase a home, their solutions are made to meet various financial objectives.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Atom Bank is committed to providing excellent customer service and ensuring customers have a great experience. They provide devoted customer service across various channels, such as phone, email, and live chat, to help consumers with their questions and issues. Additionally, Atom Bank appreciates customer feedback and continually seeks to enhance its offerings in light of user knowledge.
  • Atom Bank is a fully authorized and supervised bank in the United Kingdom. It complies with the exacting regulatory requirements established by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Thanks to this regulatory oversight, customers can feel secure in the bank’s financial soundness and the security of their money.
  • Atom Bank or any other bank should ultimately be selected based on personal preferences, banking needs, and the exact features and services that meet those needs. Before choosing a bank, it is recommended to do extensive research and evaluate several banks.

Steps To Open Atom Bank Account

You can adhere to these general measures to open an Atom bank account:

  • Investigate and Select an Account Type: Check out the many account alternatives Atom Bank offers on its official website. Choose the account type that best meets your needs, such as a savings or current account.
  • Download the Atom Bank app to get started. Atom Bank primarily uses its mobile apogee, the Atom Bank app, for your smartphone or tablet from the official app store. Also, both Android and iOS devices can use the software.
  • Open the Atom Bank app, then complete the registration procedure by providing your information. You must give personal information, including your full name, phone number, date of birth and address. To guarantee a seamless account opening procedure, enter precise details whenever possible.
  • Complete Identity Verification: Atom Bank will need you to complete an identity verification process for security and regulatory reasons. The process typically includes uploading photographs of your identification credentials, like a passport or driver’s license, which will be walked through by the app.
  • Establish Security Measures: Security is a top priority for Atom Bank. Thus, you must establish security measures for your account, such as a PIN or password. Also, adhere to the app’s instructions to set up the required security features.
  • Depending on the selected account type, you might need to deposit money into your Atom bank account to fund your account. The app can finance your account using bank transfers or external account linkage.
  • Review and Confirm: Carefully review all the provided information before concluding the account opening process. Make sure everything is correct and up to your standards. Confirm your application after you are sure of the details.
  • Await approval: Atom Bank will examine your application and any supporting paperwork. Be patient, as the approval procedure can take some time. The bank will contact you if there are any problems or if more information is needed.
  • Start Making Use of Your Atom Bank Account: If your application is accepted, you’ll get a notification and directions on how to log in. You can start utilizing your Atom bank account through the mobile app, which offers functions like checking your balance, sending money, and managing your finances.

Atom Bank Contact Info

The following details are ways you can get in touch with Atom Bank:

One thing that makes Atom Bank stand out is that the customer support team is ready around-the-clock to assist you if you run into any technical issues while launching, using, or managing the Atom App or your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Atom Bank Operate?

In the UK, Atom Bank operates exclusively online. It works without physical branches and only makes banking services available online and through its mobile app.

What banking service does access bank offer?

Current accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, and business loans are just a few of the banking services provided by Atom Bank. Additionally, they offer several benefits, including mobile payments, budgeting tools, and personalized insights.

How can I sign up for a bank account with Atom Bank?

Downloading their mobile app or going to their website is required to open an account with Atom Bank. The account opening procedure usually involves providing personal information, proving your identity, and electronically signing the relevant paperwork.

Do Atom Bank accounts have any fees attached?

Different account kinds are available from Atom Bank, each with a unique cost schedule. Even though certain accounts may not have monthly fees, others might, depending on the transaction or service. Reviewing the individual account information and charge schedule on their website or app is advised.

Do they offer customer service at Atom Bank?

Yes, Atom Bank provides customer help through various methods, including email, phone support, and in-app messaging. You can get help from their customer service team with any questions or problems.

 Can I still use Atom Bank even if I don’t have a smartphone?

Atom Bank uses its mobile app to do business. Hence a smartphone or tablet is required to use its services. Their website is also accessible on desktop and laptop computers.


The atom bank is highly recognized in the UK. All you need to know about the bank has been discussed in this article, and I hope it was worth the reading!

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