NSHP Bank Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

NSHP Bank Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons

NSHP Bank is a financial organization called NSH Professional Bank that gives its customers access to various banking services. The Bank offers products like current and savings accounts, loans, credit cards, and online banking.

NSH Professional Bank prioritizes customer satisfaction and works to meet the demands of its customers by offering effective and trustworthy banking solutions. To handle each client respectfully and professionally, the Bank also provides individualized services to its customers.

The Bank is also dedicated to offering its clients the greatest quality of customer care and has a team of skilled banking professionals.

What NSHP Entails

NHS Professionals (NSHP) supply the NHS with temporary clinical and non-clinical employees. About 180,000 healthcare professionals from across the nation and the world constitute its “Bank Members” membership base of which more than 50 NHS Trusts employ them in flexible shifts and long-term placements.

The Department of Health and Social Care is shill te only owner of NHS Professionals, established as a private limited company in 2008.

The company’s headquarters are located at Breakspear Park in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. Additionally, it includes facilities in England that are Trust-based and regional offices.

NSHP Banking

By joining the Bank, you can access exclusive member advantages, expand our ability to provide patient care and support the NHS. As well as the ability to enhance your career and acquire experience in some of the most prestigious NHS trusts in England, you may anticipate a choice of flexible employment possibilities.

Onboarding In 

onboarding area, you can discover all the details and guidelines you need to join the NHSP Bank.

Why You Need the NSHP Bank

According to the Bank’s website, there may be benefits to banking with NSH Professional Bank, such as:

  • Individualized services: NSH Professional Bank provides its customers with individualized banking services to ensure that each client is treated professionally and respectfully.
  • Competitive rates: The Bank allows customers to earn more on their deposits by offering competitive rates on its savings and investment products.
  • NSH Professional Bank offers convenient banking options, making it better for clients to manage their accounts and complete transactions. These choices include Internet banking, mobile banking, and ATMs.
  • Strong customer support: The Bank has a group of seasoned banking specialists dedicated to giving customers the best support they can receive.

NSHP Bank Members

NHS Professionals supply the NHS with temporary clinical and non-clinical employees. One hundred eighty thousand healthcare professionals who have already enrolled with the organization and completed its training and compliance requirements make up the Bank Members, which is the company’s membership base term. According to NHS Professionals, the NHS has the greatest “bank” of flexible staff workers.

Nurses, midwives, medical assistants, doctors, allied health professionals, healthcare researchers, and providers of personal social services, such as care and treatment, are among the clinical bank members.

Its non-clinical bank members include those in finance, estates and facilities, management, administration, secretarial work, and information technology.

The Bank’s members are foreign workers and UK citizens hired by NHS Professionals International. More than 50 acute and community NHS Trusts where they were previously enrolled with NHS Professionals are where they work.

To assist NHS Trusts in meeting their short-, medium-, and long-term workforce requirements, NHS Professionals Bank Members take on flexible shifts and longer-term temporary postings. According to the business, in 2018, its Bank Members’ “shifts” in the NHS totaled 36 million.

Some NHS Trusts receive managed workforce services from NHS Professionals in exchange for an annual fee. These services include the operational management of the Trust’s temporary workforce needs, including recruitment and shift filling, training and compliance, on-site support, communications and marketing, and cost savings from outside staffing agencies.

NSHP Full Membership

The NSHP full membership method applies to applicants who want the flexibility of working in our other Trusts but are not permanently employed by an NHS Trust where NHS Professionals already run the Bank.

You must finish a full registration, which you can start online right now, to become a full member of the NHSP Bank.

They review your application to make sure you satisfy the requirements for basic membership, such as having worked for six months in the UK during the previous two years.

To ensure that you will have acceptable shifts once the process is complete, we also match your abilities and availability with the shift requirement of our Client Trust.

Then, we conduct a stringent hiring procedure that complies entirely with NHS Employment Check Standards. The following factors affect how long it the NHS takes:

  • Your capacity to take part in and finish the interview process  
  • The time it takes for DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) and reference checks to be completed

We need your assistance to ensure the hiring process goes as fast and easily as possible. The diagram below gives a thorough picture of our hiring process.

What To Do After Gaining Acceptance To NHSP

You will receive a Welcome Pack once all the procedures are finished, which will contain information about the following:

  • Pension for stakeholders
  • How to schedule shifts
  • Continued CPD
  • Code of behavior
  • supplementary information

You will also receive an ID badge from NHS Professionals, which you must wear for every shift you reserve through NHS Professionals.

You can also be obliged to wear a uniform, depending on your role. If a uniform is necessary, you will be asked to fill out a uniform order form, and one will be ordered for you.

Your local Trust Liaison Coordinator will give you a warm welcome call when you’ve finished your application. They are employed by the main Trust where you have opted to work. Your first shift will be scheduled with assistance from the Trust Liaison Coordinator, who will also address any queries you may have.

NSHP Admin and Clerical Support Info

When temporary administrative and clerical personnel is needed, a Placement Request Form must be filled out and emailed to a&[email protected].

Within 72 hours, a phone call will confirm receipt of the request after it has been submitted to our system. A placement team member will contact you to talk about CVs, interviews, and other topics.

Ideally, we would like to fill the position with employees from the NHSP bank. NHSP will obtain applicants from NHS Jobs and other job postings and may present applicants currently available and searching for employment if no workers are public at the Bank.

They will be registered to utilize the 72-hour registration process limited to banks.

If selected, the candidate will be prepared to begin work in three to five working days after a face-to-face interview with the manager at the Trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my bank account information?

You need to faill out the Bank Account Details Change Form to let them know about a change in your bank information. Send this directly to our payroll partner by emailing [email protected]. Please abide by the form’s instructions.

Payments are due Friday and must be made by Monday at 11:00 a.m. if your bank information has changed. Submissions received after 11 a.m. on a Monday will be reimbursed into the new account starting Friday.

What exactly does NHSP mean?

NSHP stands for Professionals. For solutions including managed flexble workers for the NHS, NHS Professionals (NHSP) is the market leader. Through their assistance in establishing their personnel banks, they engage with more than 55 NHS Trusts in England to lessen their reliance on pricey outside agencies.

Does NHSP resemble NHS?

The NHSP is a body under NHS, and the NSHP is not a government body. The Bank has more than 130,000 registered healthcare professionals from more than 50 NHS Trusts, making them the top provider of flexible workforce services to the NHS.

The NHS staff bank depicts what?

A trust or a third-party organization that manages an NHS staff bank contracts with medical staff to work shifts at trust hospitals. To consistently provide safe and effective care.

Does NSHP have a bank app?

Android and iOS smartphone users can use the NHSP: Connect app, which have an added advantage of downloading for free.

Who is eligible to work for an NHS staff bank?

Any healthcare practitioner may join an NHS staff bank, though normally, they require at least six months of NHS expertise to register you. There are many people and purposes for the flexible shifts that are offered.

If NHSP and Doctors Direct employees contract a coronavirus, would they still be paid?

Since the outbreak began, NHS professionals have provided self-isolation payments to our bank members. This has been done by the COVID-19 Workforce Guidance’s Staff Terms and Conditions section.

The Staff Terms and Conditions portion of the COVID-19 Workforce Guidance is now being withdrawn by the Government by the “Plan For Living with COVID-19.” This means that starting on July 7, 2022, NHS Trusts will stop providing special pay to isolated people. We shall continue to reflect changes in our arrangements by doing so while continuing to mirror the structures of the Trusts that we serve as clients.


The fact that NSH Professional Bank places such a high importance on customer satisfaction and offers individualized services implies that the Bank values its clients and works hard to satisfy their financial demands.

Even though NSH Professional Bank may not have any specific reviews or analyses available, its dedication to client happiness and focus on providing individualized services make it a dependable option for people looking for banking solutions.

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